Picture perfect. A trip to the park


We've been enojying the nice weather we've had the past two days! 
Yesterday we went for a walk and to the play park! It was lovely and sunny. Chilly but sunny! I love the sunshine. I have MISSED the sunshine and so has my little loves. 
The kids had a wonderful time and we even had a game of football! We watched sticks go under the bridge and come out the other side, lol, I'll never get bored of that game!! (Remember playing that when you was a child?) 

Beautiful weather!
(click the image to make it bigger) 

As you may remember I got a new digital camera for Christmas. I haven't had much chance to play around with the different settings and "scenes", yesterday gave me the perfect oppitunity. I have so much to learn though, practice makes perfect! :) 

Today has been lovely too! Really am loving this lovely sunny weather and it was really mild today! I even took my coat off whilst walking because I was getting to hot! Yay, spring isn't far away :)

What are your plans for half term? 

Sarah xXx

I linked this post up with coomer mill #countrykids :) 

 Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 

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  1. our half term was last week aha i don't know why it's all over the place this year.

  2. Ours was last week too, we had a lovely relaxing week doing not a lot! Great pics, glad you are enjoying your quality time x

  3. We had half term the week before too. Sun is great isn't it - as is a good park. Lovely pics.

  4. A lovely collage! I remember racing sticks in streams too :) x

  5. Lovely pictures, mines been off this week. We went for a bike ride yesterday but it was so cold. Thanks for joining us at welcome to the weekend blog hop :)

  6. sunshine makes all the difference doesn't it? and no, pooh sticks never gets old :)

  7. i agree, the sun makes all the difference, doesn't it? and no, poohsticks never gets old :)

  8. Having a spell of dry weather does make the outdoors more inviting! Football, Pooh sticks and playing on the park equipment, all a great way to enjoy some fresh air and forget about any house chores for while. Thank you for linking up with Country Kids.

  9. Ohh pooh sticks is so much fun, x


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