Pancake day!


Mmmmm. Pancake day, one of my favourite days of the year, lol. We love pancakes in this house. 
I was woken up this morning by my middle son (who is 7 years old!) yelling "Mummmmyyyy it's pancake day, YESSSSS" LOL. We have pancakes throughout the year, not just on pancake day. But pancakes ON pancake day seem to taste better apparently... according to the kids that is, I don't know why because I make them exactly the same, lol! 
Here's what we have on/in our pancakes: 

We also had cream and ice cream but no one wanted that today! 

The youngest two, C who's 7 and E who is 5 wanted smiley face pancakes, they insisted on doing it themselves lol: 

But H, my eldest who is nine takes after me and just stuck to good old fashioned Lemon and a little bit of sugar, hehe. I must say the raspberries were a HUGE hit, they had those on the side! We usually have strawberries but this time I thought we'd try something a little differant and it was a huge success :) 
I did attempt chocolate chip pancakes with not much success, still tasted alright though.. just looked a bit odd. The first couple turned out great but after that... I don't know what went wrong. Never mind. 

What did you have with your pancakes? 

Sarah xXx 

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  1. Mmmm yummy!
    I'm like you - just lemon and sugar for me! :)


  2. Yumm pancakes! lol we didnt celebrate pancake day unfortunately but yours sound delicious :)


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