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 I hope you all had a splendid Easter. Ours was fab! The kids got SO many Easter Eggs, I think they'll have enough sweets and chocolate to see them thru until next Easter (Joking! but you get the point, lol). I ate tooooo much chocolate which has resulted in three spots on my face, EEEK! I never, ever get spots, I'm quite lucky like that but ugh, I shouldn't have eaten so much choccie. T'was yummy though. The kids really enjoyed making there Easter Baskets and of course loved the Easter Egg hunt! We made some Easter Bark idea from  at MamaOwls Easter Baking post. (Thanks Julie!) It was delicious. The kids really loved it, too! We had an a lovely Turkey roast dinner on Easter Sunday. Over all, was a really good Easter! 

How was your Easter? I'd love to hear about it =)

Sarah xXx

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  1. That looks lush!! I also have a fair few little spots turn up but they were kinda worth it!xx


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