Reasons to be cheerful (week 15)


1) I've had such a wonderful time in Liverpool, as have the kids. We went on the Mersey Ferry, to Liverpool world museum and Liverpool football stadium at Anfield. We had a really lovely time! The kids loved the Ferry, I was a little worried one of them would be seasick or something but they were all fine and really enjoyed it! The museum was amazing!! It was free, too. I have so many photos that I shall share when I get home :-)
2) Having said about home - I am so, so looking forward to seeing my kitty, Lotti. I have missed her so, so, so much. My best friend has been taking care of her though so I know she's been in good hands, still doesn't stop me missing her though! Can't wait to see her!
3) The kids go back to school next week. We've had a really lovely half term but honestly, I can not wait to get back into routine. Hopefully the kids will soon be wearing there summer school uniform, hehe.
4) We had a lovely trip to the park the other day. The weather was really mild and for the first time in a long time we weren't freezing cold.The weather is suppose to be really warm this weekend, or at least normal temperatures for this time of year.. Oh how I hope it is!

What are your reasons to be cheerful thsi week?

Sarah xXx

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  1. I am glad you had a lovely time in liverpool, this house is Everton supporters so no visiting there for us! lol

    I am certainly with you on needing to get back to routine! :-) x

  2. Liverpool is a fab city with so much to do! I'm looking forward to routine too ;-)

  3. so glad you had a great time. I know what you mean about the cat - we missed ours so much to start with whenever we went away but found that she used to snub us when we got back as if she was annoyed that we'd left her. have a good weekend xxx

  4. Great reasons! I've never been to Liverpool but I've heard it's a great place to have a wonder round! x

  5. I visited Liverpool many times when I was at College in Manchester, but never went on the ferry - must add that to my bucket list!

  6. Museums are great for kids

  7. My kids need the routine too, roll on Tuesday for me! Mich x


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