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With all this talk of google reader disapearing in July and GFC (although I thought google reader & GFC were totally different things? I also thought that blogs powered by google ie blogger, wern't going to be affected? But everyone is saying something different so... Maybe I'm just a bit daft, lol) I thought I'd let you all know that you can follow me on Networkedblogs, there's a widget over in the right side bar >> 
Also, I have a Facebook page here, if you click like, i'll show up in your news feeds every time I publish a post. I am also on Twitter, you can follow me here. And of course, you can always subscribe via email on the right hand side of the page >> 

I try to follow back via networked blogs and what ever else, I also follow quite a few blogs via email. I am on bloglovin but I've no idea how to even use that site (I will figure it out.. One day, haha. (I'll let you all know). I'd really hate to lose any of the blogs I follow and any of my followers. Let me know if you have networkedblogs (although as I read each of your blogs, I have been trying to remember to look! And follow) so I can follow you or a facebook page/twitter, I'll 'like' and follow that way too. 

Sarah xXx  

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