Our unique plant pots! #countrykids


We have really been making the most of the lovely weather! We've planted more seeds!!! 
I got these the other day from 99p shop. Two plant pots with flowers on, a little set of paints and two paint brushes, plus two packets of (unknown) seeds. I thought for 99p these were a bargain! 

The kids LOVED painting these. We did use some of our paints that we already had, to give the kiddos more selection of colours. There very own, unique plant pot that they painted themselves, hehe. We painted them outside, it was so warm and lovely, also saved making a mess inside, lol.
Charlies one.. 

And Ellies one... 
We planted some of the mystery seeds that came with the pots - no idea what they are, I guess we'll have a surprise, lol. We also planted some sunflowers! The other day we planted more seeds which you can see here. Harry is yet to paint his one, he'd already done lots of painting at school today for a project he's working on with his class mates, he didn't feel like painting. He did however plant some sunflower seeds in other pots. 

The kids are SO excited to see them grow! They can not wait. 

This was such a cheap art activity, well worth 99p (well in my case £1.98 because I brought two lots), we have something to keep forever now. I think this is going to become another tradition for us, a nice spring time tradition, hehe. :-) 

(I also gave the pots a coat of clear vanish which I already had left over, no idea if it's weather proof or not because it's meant for indoor use... I was hoping it would protect the pots a little from water as if they get wet the poster paint might run off, guess we'll see!) 

Have you been enjoying the lovely sunshine and warm weather? 

Sarah xXx

 Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 

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  1. OOh these are fab xx


  2. Great find! Let's hope you grow something nice :)

  3. I am in birthday party activity mode at the moment and thinking what a great activity and take home present these would make! Great outdoor craft and it looks like yours came out beautiful and colourful. Thank you for the idea and for sharing on Country Kids.


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