Reasons to be cheerful (week 16) #R2BC


I've joined in the with the linking that that lovely Mich is hosting! I love this blog hop. Why not share your reasons to be cheerful & join in yourself?  I have a few reasons to be cheerful this week. 

1) The kids went back  to school and while I really miss them, it's nice to have some free time to do housework without being interrupted, lol. It's also really nice to get back into our routine. I really do love our routine we have! The kids have enjoyed there time back at school so far, I love that they all really like school. 
2) Ellie won a competition!!! Yay! I think there was lots of winners but I am so, so proud of her! You see, over Easter Olly The Little White Van was hosting an egg competition, decorate your own egg! So I asked Ellie if she'd like to enter and of course she jumped at the chance, hehe. I emailed them the picture of her egg. They emailed me back a few weeks later saying Ellie had won a prize! This egg she decorated & the certificate and sticker & colouring book she won: 

3) I finally have instagram! Ohmygoodness I love it! I figured out how to put it on my kindle fire, woohoo. I'm so, so addicted to it, lol. Have you seen how many pictures of cats there are?!  All different cats, In one place!!! Oh my! Yup, I am crazy about cats. I need more people to follow though, so if you would like me to follow you let me know the link/username to that I can follow you :-) 

Sarah xXx 

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  1. Smiling at your total enthusiasm for Instagram. Well done to your little one on the prize. Great reasons

  2. Lovely post. I miss my boys terribly when they go back to school but I do enjoy getting back into a routine too, you just seem to get so much more done don't you?

  3. Ah congratulations Ellie, that's brilliant! x

  4. Instagram is fab! Mine is filled with photos of my's 13rebecca13 if you fancy having a nosy :)

  5. I bet Ellie was delighted at winning a competition :) Also love your enthusiasm for Instagram - I daren't go there!

  6. well done ellie! So glad all are settling into routine of things again. xxx

  7. Awww Well done Ellie!

    Found you through #R2BC

    Laura x x x

  8. Isn't Instagram just lovley? Have a great week, Mich x


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