There is no way to be a perfect mother but a million to be a good one.


Gosh, I can never think of witty titles so today I'm using a favourite quote of mine. 
This might be a little bit of a random post. It just feels like ages since I have really updated on us. I really want to get back into blogging about my family and every day life. Sometimes I get so caught up in the every day things that I don't get a chance to write the things I want and should write about. I know I join in the blog hops when I can but it's not the same as blogging about family life - our every day life! 

Things here are going great! The kids and I have settled back into routine after the Easter holidays. We had a fab time over the Easter hols. I was a little worried it'd take forever to get back into routine but it hasn't, thankfully. 
Charlie wants to do an after school club but can't decide which one. He did football last year but I think he wants to try something different, he's leaning towards arts and crafts which is also homework club, too. Harry wants to get back into football club, he's my sporty child, anything to do with sport and he's well away. Bless him. Both the boys are doing great at school. Both have had certificates lately for maths/attendance and what not. Need to laminate, I might do those before I go to bed. I love to keep all there certificates which they have worked really hard to achieve. I'll display them on the fridge for a while and then put them in folders when they receive new ones, hehe. 
Ellie is doing fab, too! She's really settled back into school well after the Easter hols. She LOVES school. She's like a sponge, she absorbs everything and learns SO fast! She's started getting 'homework' from school now, bless her. She gets so excited and feels ever so grown up that she has to do homework. Wish my boys had her enthusiasm, lol. 

We planted some seeds last week! Some are starting to come out! Yay! Although my tomatoes really haven't done much =/ At least the marigolds (Ellies choice!) are growing well (I think the kiddos dropped too many seeds into the pot LOL, that's ok though easy sorted). I'll be re potting them they get a little bigger. The kiddos were chuffed when they saw that they were growing. Yay! Can't wait to plant them in the garden. I'm got some more seeds to plant this week, too! Im sure the kids will love to get digging into those, maybe tomorrow after school? We'll see. 

We have been really loving the weather. The next couple of days aren't suppose to be great but Thursday is suppose to be really nice. We're hoping for a trip to the park after school Thursday, yay! I am really glad it's finally spring. Winter felt like it was never going to end. 

Lots of things to do before the summer holidays house wise. I really NEED to get this house in order. I've started saving up for my laminate flooring for the front room. I've seen the curtains I would like (that reminds me, must measure the window!) I also need to go thru and sort out some junk in the under the stairs cupboard, it seems to be my new hoarding space. Please tell me I am not the only one who has a 'junk cupboard' lol. I've also decided to put all my DVDs into a folder, the bookcase that holds all my books and DVDs takes up a lot of space and makes the front room look dark. I love my books and DVDs but I just.. I need the space! It's a shame to throw the cases away/put them on freecycle but am all about saving space as this house isn't very big. The books can go on a bookcase in my room (a smaller one) and some can go up in the loft, I can not bare to part with my books under any circumstances, lol.  There's a lot more that needs to be done but honestly, I'll be here all night telling you all.. and I'm sure you're bored already =p 

I've got an Neurologist appointment this week. Guess we'll find out if the pressure/fluid has built up around my brain again. I have been experiencing headaches but they could be (and have been in the past) worse. I really hope and pray I don't have to have another lumbar puncture, again. Not a nice experience at all. 

Anyway I have a few things to do before bed. Oh and I need to check instagram, haha, I am so addicted, lol.

Sarah xXx 

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  1. Wow you have plenty to keep you busy! Well done to your boys on doing so well in school, I love it when midge comes home with an award because she beams with pride!
    Hope the flowers and veg continue to grow. Tomatoes like greenhouses i think but they do take a while so be patient! Goodluck with your appointment too, hope you don't need a lumber puncture either, nasty business xx


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