When we went to Liverpool...Ferry, museum and so much fun!


Liverpool is an amazing city, it has so, so many attractions! We went on the Mersey ferry, to the World Museum (which was free and so, so good! I was amazed as were the kids!)
We went on the Mersey Ferry first as we had saver tickets - our bus tickets got us on the bus there and back and on the ferry! It was very cheap, too. We had a wonderful time. I can not believe how cheap it ALL was!

The ferry was really good fun! We learned a little bitof history about Liverpool and the buildings! 
In the top right picture you can see the Liver Building, very famous.. worldwide. Amazing. 
The other pictures really explain themselves. The kids loved looking thru the telescopes at the boats on the river, hehe. 

We had lunch in burger king and on the way we passed The Caven club which is where The Beatles started out, OMG, amazing!! I'm a HUGE Beatles fan so it meant a lot to me to see where they started out.. And had pictures taken next to the John Lennon statue, hehe. 

After lunch and the excitement of walking down the same road where the Beatles had actually walked many times (I know - how sad I am to get excited over that, haha but seriously it was just SO cool) We went to the World Museum which was about five minutes walk! We were a little disappointed that there were no tickets for the planetarium but we soon got over it! The museum is HUGE and there is SO much to see, we didn't see it all because we were running out of time and  the kids were getting tired. We'll be going back next time we go to Liverpool (which won't be for a while) 
I have SO many photos of everything that I can't share them all because I'd be here all day making collages and watermarking LOL. We loved the butterflies and the stuffed animals. Ellie loved the aquarium part! Harry loved the elephants tooth and couldn't believe how big it was! Charlie just loved everything and was so over excited, bless him. 

We also saw the Anfield stadium, Harry spent the last of his Xmas money in the Anfield shop, he brought himself a T.Shirt (Liveprool footballl shirt which was on sale!) and had Gerrard put on the back (which was half price). 

It truly was amazing and we're so lucky we got to go.

We LOVED Liverpool. I know it'll be a while until we can go again but we're already excited lol. 
Honestly, if you ever get the chance to visit Liverpool it truly is an amazing city with so much history, so much to see, do and learn! 

Sarah xXx

(Look out for another post coming sometime this week - the boys got to go to Anfield and watch an under 18s match at the stadium!) 

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  1. Awww, I'm from Liverpool so I was so pleased to read how much you loved visiting the city! :)

    I think its a fab city but obviously I'm biased! There is a lot to see and do though! There are a few museums so I'm actually not sure which one The World museum is!!! The new museum by the docks though is amazing, and it has a Little Liverpool section for kids which is great fun!

    If you're a big Beatles fan, you'd love the magical mystery tour bus and your kids would probably love the Yellow Duckmarine bus-boats at the docks! :)

    Sparkles &



  2. We visited Liverpool for the first time last year and loved it so much we've already got our trip planned for this year. We loved the World museum too.

  3. I would love to visit Liverpool. My Brother lives across the Mersey and looks out over Liverpool. That is the closest I have come. One day I will visit, your post makes it look like there is plenty to keep you busy there. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

  4. We love the World Museum and haven't taken the boys on the ferry yet so we'll have to do it next time after reading this. Lovely photos :)


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