An afternoon at the park! #countrykids


Yesterday we decided to take the kids to the park as it wasn't cold! The kids even got warm running around that they took there jumpers off. It made a lovely change not to be shivering to be honest. Such good fun that the kids didn't want to leave.

We played on the play park which was busy when we arrived so we decided to have a game (or ten) of football. I also had the chance to take some lovely photos of the beautiful daffodils. Part of E's homework was to look for signs of spring. She found some daisies and daffodils and even some shoots on some branches - fresh spring shoots/new growth which in a few weeks will turn into green leaves. We talked about those for a while and took some photographs. C loved the very old tree that had a huge hole in it and thought it would be fun to try and climb! Ellie decided that owls might sit in the tree at night time (She loves owls, as do I). H wasn't that interested though, he just wanted to play footy, typical boy, hehe.

The kids got to play on the play park for a while once it had calmed down a little, it was just so busy when we first arrived! I think everyone had the same idea of going to the park and enjoying the nice day even though it was a dull day the weather was quite nice. Now if we could just have some sunshine please...

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  1. Lovely to see the signs of spring and for the children to be able to enjoy running around without coats on, a bonus if you are not freezing your bits off watching them too! Thanks for sharing on Country Kids.

  2. We also went to the park. So lovely to be able to let them run off some steam and enjoy themselves outside without 15 layers and a great big coat! Gorgeous smile on that last photo :)


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