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We were sent some lovely Kids Stuff Crazy products to review from We were sent a bottle of crazy soap shake & sparkle foam bath, crazy soap bath time foaming soap (green) and some crazy soap bath time body paint (blue). What a great way to add more fun to bath time. Crazy soap products are aged 3 years +

My three little's couldn't wait to try these products! Ellie was fascinated shaking the foam bath and watching it sparkle. She couldn't wait to put it in the bath. She was amazed at how the bubbles 'sparkled' She's such a typical girl these days, into anything glittery and sparkly, this foam bath was right up her street, hehe.

The foam bath is very glittery and it smells lovely! It's mild and gentle (as it states on the bottle!) and comes with a foam finger puppet, too! Perfect for playing with in the bath.

Ellie called her puppet Ally!

All three of the kids loved the bath time body paint, they had a great time painting themselves blue LOL. Charlie especially couldn't wait to get his hands on this, or should I say get this on his hands, haha. It's easy to squeeze out, then you dab it, then you paint it! What fun!! It smells really soapy, it's mild and gentle (As it states on the back of the tube!) and it's very easy to rinse off! All the kids tried this and loved it! Harry was impressed with how bright it was and how easy is rinsed off! Once it was washed off, we noticed it also turned the water blue, which the kids found fascinating.

Painting themselves blue!
Next up we tested the foaming soap. The foam is really easy to shape. You just squeeze onto your hand and then shape. We put some onto the side of the bath and made some shapes! As soon as Harry took the lid off he noticed it smelled really fruity, he thought perhaps apple. He squirted some on his hands and immediately started spreeing it over his body.
When it was Charlies turn in the bath he also said that it smelled really nice. He said it felt smooth and soft. He loved rubbing it into his hands and feeling the foam! Bless.
Ellie enjoyed trying to make shapes, she made a big heart shape and a house. "WOW I can even do arts and crafts in the bath" she said. Such good fun.

Foamy soap!!

Overall we really love these crazy soap products, they make bath time fun, they smell amazing and they encourage kids to wash them selves!
Would the kids like to use these products again? Yes. Without a doubt.
Crazy soap products can be purchased from Morrisons and Tescos.
If you'd like more information about 'The kids stuff crazy' range please check out the Crazy soap website. You can also follow crazy soap on Facebook & Twitter.

Sarah xXx

We were sent these samples/products for the purpose of this review. This review is my own, honest, personal opinion.

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  1. I've never seen this stuff! Guessing it's probably not available here!

  2. I absolutely love this stuff. Trouble is most of our crazy soap got used up all at once on a dinosaur lol

  3. This looks like the best fun, especially the crazy foam! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  4. Definitely adding this to my shopping list! It looks like great fun :) Did you find the kids were glittery after their bath?
    Thanks for linking up this week.

  5. Crazy Soap is a fab product and really makes bathtime fun, Our favourite is the foaming soap

  6. I have never tried crazy soap but this review makes me want to try it out! Georgie would go bonkers for this stuff :-)


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