Meal Planning Monday #MealPlanningMonday


Meal Planning Monday

I'm using up bits that are left in the freezer and cupboard. I still have tins/jars left from Christmas!!!
I also have tinned fruit left from Christmas that I want to use up so I have space in my cupboard for other things that we actually do need. Am I the only person who still has food left from Christmas? I need to use it all up so that I can budget better.

Monday - Battered sausage and chips with mushy peas. (Mushy peas left from xmas!)

Tuesday - Tuna and pasta bake with salad. (Tuna left from xmas!)

Wednesday - Home made meat balls with long spaghetti and french stick bread.

Thursday -  Haddock fillets with new potatoes and peas.

Friday - Hot dogs in rolls with fries (Hot dogs left in cupboard form xmas!!)

Saturday - BBQ chicken salad.

Sunday - Toad in the hole with carrots, peas, mash potato and gravy.

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  1. I still have a turkey in my freezer as we didn't have any visitors to help eat it over Christmas!

  2. Not technically a leftover from last Christmas but I do like to buy my Xmas puds in the sale to stock up for the next Christmas! I have a nice cupboard full which also helps in Summer if I have a weird craving for some Xmas pud!

  3. Ohh everything sounds fab!! A lot of my faves there x

  4. I still have a Christmas Pud in the cupboard lol

    Well done for using things up!


  5. Oh I want to come for hm meatballs!! Xx

  6. I've still got bits and bobs left from Christmas, too! Jars of pate, mostly, and chutneys.


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