"A polo lips"


Monday afternoon/early evening it suddenly went very dark and the sky was a bizarre colour. It was purple, pink and grey!

It was pouring down with rain & ever so windy.

Charlie was like "Is it the polo lips?" pointing up to the sky
I stood there baffled for a few seconds thinking 'Is the "polo lips" someone that's eaten too many polos and perhaps have white lips' but no, that doesn't quite fit with him pointing to the sky.

"Hmmm, polo lips??" I said baffled. And probably a puzzled look on my face.
"You know, like the end of the world?" Charlie informed me
"Ohhhhh, You mean apocalypse"
I couldn't help but chuckle, lol. 'Polo lips' bless him.
"That's what I said!" Charlie protested. 
"Naaah" I replied "Just a really unique sky and some windy, wet weather" I said to Charlie.
"It's not very likely the world will end anytime soon, if ever" I tried to explain...
Charlie looked thoughtful for a moment and then said "But the sky changed so quickly, it was sunny and bright now it's just weird" He said unconvinced.

We then went into an depth conversation about how the world wasn't gonna end and that it's just freaky weather. He wasn't worried.. he was just very fascinated! Wouldn't surprise me if Charlie becomes a weather man when he's older.

Then he realised it was his turn on XBOX and off he went.
Was a very random conversation to have with an eight year old. Sometimes he seems so much older than eight years old!

Bless him. Apparently he knows all about the 'polo lips' because his friends talk about it and it's been on T.V.

We've been having some really bizarre weather lately. One minute it's sunny and blue skies and the next?! It's cloudy, dull, windy and raining! Not as bad as some parts of the U.K. Wales for instance, has been hit bad by wind and rain, causing floods. I can not even imagine that. My heart goes out to all those affected by this dreadful weather.

Sarah xXx

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  1. It's just awful isn't it I feel so bad for them in Somerset :(

    Adore the a polo lips!


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