Shoplet UK - Noticeboard Cork and Drywipe {Review}


Shoplet UK sent me this cork and drywipe board to review.

  • 5 Star (600 x 400mm) Combination Noticeboard Cork and Drywipe
  • Lightweight dual purpose board.
  • Pine frame.
  • Half drywipe board and half cork pinboard.
Once I received the board and took it out of the packaging, I noticed how light it felt. It's also good quality. It came with little package which contained a couple of hooks and five drawing pins and a pen for the drywipe board. However, two screws are needed to hang the board to the wall, as they are not supplied. I really like the fact that half of the board is cork and the other half is drywipe.

It has a pine wooden frame and the board measures 600 x 400mm,
I like the fact that it's easy to hang and looks great on the wall! It's very handy to have, as it reminds me of everything I need to remember.Ha, I am so forgetful.

It's a good quality board and worth the money (£6.47). The pen is easy to write on the board with and it wipes off nice and easy too (I use a bit of kitchen roll to wipe the pen off). Overall I personally think it's a great noticeboard, I can pin all my letters/appointments and even post it notes to the cork side, as well as write important reminders on the drywipe board.
This is a very handy board for any busy family.

Shoplet sell a very wide selection of office stationary & promotional products, they even sell a good selection of promotional shirts; many other products, too which you can view on the website.

Sarah xXx

Thank you to shopletUK for sending us this product for the purpose of this review. This review is my own, personal, honest opinion.

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  1. I need to get one of these they look so useful for organisation


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