Decorating heart biscuits for Valentines day!


The other day I picked up a Valentines gingerbread biscuit set in Morrisons for £1.50 (ish. Can't remember the exact price but they were under £2). Containing four nice sized gingerbread hearts. A small pack of sprinkles and a pink icing pen.
Perfect for the kids!

The kids couldn't wait to start decorating them. And eating them, too! Yummy. We already had a good selection of sprinkles and icing pens left over from last time we did some baking and decorated digestive biscuits. The kids used the icing pen first and then added on the sprinkles/decorations of there choice onto there biscuits. Ellie liked the heart shaped ones best. Charlie loved the little silver and pink sugar balls and Harry wanted a bit of everything on his, lol.

The kiddies biscuits - Yum!

When the kids had finished, they shook there biccies over there plates so that all the lose sprinkles fell off.
The little's really enjoyed decorating and then eating these! I think it's a lovely little activity and treat. It's cheap, too!
Sarah xXx

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  1. Grace says - Wow - these look really yummy. I so gonna get my Mummy up early tomorrow so she can go to the shops so I can try these out. Thanks for linking to #minicreations

  2. A lot of fun and tasty too! What's not to like?


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