A windy visit to the seaside! #Countrykids


It was a lovely sunny day yesterday. It was lovely to see the sun, it's been raining all week and ever so windy! It was still windy yesterday but not as bad as it has been. Ellie and I went for a walk along the seafront with my brother, sister in law and niece. It was lovely to get out but we weren't out long because it was cold and the wind was picking up again.

We were gonna look for shells but it was too cold and breezy. We went for a short walk on the beach and under the pier! Ellie found a ball that someone had obviously left... or that the wind had blown, lol. I took lots of photos of the waves. The waves were quite 'choppy' I certainly wouldn't want to be under the pier when the wind is bad, that's for sure lol. Ellie didn't seem to mind though. (The boy were at there dads btw)

After the beach, we went to the park for a little while. It was a little bit muddy but that's ok. Ellie had a good half an hour playing before she wanted to leave. We found some huge pine cones. We're gonna paint those another day, hehe.

It was lovely to get for a while. We have been coped up inside for what feels like months, not good! Hopefully we'll be able to go out and about this half term, as long as it's not windy and raining like it has been last week!
Roll on spring....
Sarah xXx

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  1. Love your photos. Wish I lived near the beach, look great. And I can't believe you're only 28 with a 10 year old. Enjoy half term!


  2. I hope the worst of the weather is behind us and we can all have a good half term. It looks like you had a great day out and managed to blow the cobwebs away and have fun. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  3. Great to finally be able to get some fresh air. The beach is always beautiful whatever the weather though :) #CountryKids

  4. I agree I hope the bad weather is behind us now and we can look to Spring. Wish we'd gone to the beach too.

  5. Glad you got out on the nice day, its so cold and windy here and I can't wait to get to the beech... Yeah not long till Spring :) thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop...

  6. Sounds like a lovely walk, nothing like some fresh air even if it is a bit chilly!


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