Land Rover & sheep trailor set & Massey ferguson tractor {Review}


Ferguson tractor review from Tomy.

 We were very kindly sent this lovely Ferguson 6600 tractor and Land rover & sheep trailer set to review from

My children absolutely LOVE tractors! Charlie is nine years old and still has a love for tractors. I am making hte most of him playing with toys because before long he will out grow them. Ellie also loves tractors and farm sets! I think it's great that my children still love to play with toys & get creative with them.

The packaging of both sets are lovely and strong. Both came in a nice red box and were packaged in plastic packaging with plastic ties to keep them tightly packaged.


The little ones couldn't wait to get them out of the box and play with them!

Tomy Tractor review

The tractor is made from plastic and metal making it very hard wearing and easy to move/wheel around. It's a lovely red colour and looks very realistic indeed. The tires are made of like a rubbery material. It slides lovely along the floor and is very easy for the kids to play with. There's a lot of detail put into the tractor. The inside of the tractor has a steering wheel and seat etc. The outside of the tractor also has lots of very cool detail - just like a real tractor. "It looks so real, just like a tractor" Charlie said. "I love the wheels, they're big and chunky like a real tractor" Is what Ellie said!

Tomy LAnd Rover review

The Land Rover is also made of metal and plastic and just like the tractor, is easy to wheel around the floor! It's a dark green and silver in colour, which makes it look very realistic. Again, there is a lot of detail put into the Land Rover. The hood on the back comes off and just clips back on! The little's thought that was super cool! The Land Rover itself has so much detail - a steering wheel and interior with seats inside. Charlie loved the door handle detail and the number plate. It's also very well made. The trailer just slots onto the back nice and easy. It's also easy to remove, too.

Ups and downs, smiels and frowns

The Land Rover set also comes with a sheep pen, three little sheep, a sheep dog and of course the farmer! "The sheep look so cute" Ellie declared. Ellie and Charlie thought the sheep pen was a nice touch to the set.

The little's not only played with the tractor and Land Rover set inside, they also played with them outside in the long grass - just like a real farm! They had a wonderful time playing with them in the garden and playing farms. They got very creative with the tractor, Land Rover and the animals! Ellie set it all up like a real farm.  Ellie was all "The sheep dog is chasing all the sheep back into the pen" while Charlie drove the Land Rover with the farmer in the back.

It was lovely to see them getting creative, imaginative and playing nicely together.

I would definitely recommend these toys. My children haven't stopped playing with them! They'd also make a really nice gift.

Please note: These toys are aged 3+ due to small parts. 

Sarah xXx

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 *We were sent these products/samples for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own, honest, personal opinion. I was not paid to write this review*.

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  1. They are great aren't they. We have quite a few of the TOMY farm vehicles now and my two love them. Thanks for sharing with #Playtime

  2. We have these toys too, and they have been so well played with - great for imaginative play! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  3. They look great, we have a massive Tractor fan here and Daddy P owned a Landrover! Hours of fun #TriedTested

  4. My son loves tractors, too, so these would be a big hit! They look great #tried&tested

  5. My son would love this he loves all things tractors and farms x

  6. These look fantastic...Great for any tractor fan x

  7. Didn't realise Tomy did metal ones. So frequently theyre plastic and not as hard wearing as the old Britains models. N loves playing with his uncle's and dad's old tractors from 30 years+ ago


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