I don't know what happened to my laptop, but this morning when I switched it on, nothing happened. I mean, the lights came on and the screen came on but nothing else. I managed to get the desktop to loud but nothing would connect - not my phone, not my memory card... not even wifi. It said it was connected but wouldn't work. Then I got this weird pop up thing and everything froze. I
 tried to do a system restore/recovery. That wouldn't work either. I had no choice but to format the whole thing. I lost a lot of files and some photos (although most are backed up - I learned my lesson!). However, I am SO thankful that a whole reformat worked! Thank goodness. So yes, I am thankful that my laptop does still work! Phew.

I'm really thankful for family. Last weekend,we went to the zoo with my brothers and sister. It was a really, really fantastic day! We loved looking at all the animals and learning all about them. The goats were hilarious, they kept nudging us with there horns because we wern't feeding them fast enough, haha.

I'm also very grateful that it's half term. As I haven't been very well, it's been nice to have a break. I am finally starting to get over this flu/tonsillitis thing I've had going on.
We've also had some really lovely weather lately. It's so mild and bright! Always a reason to be thankful, hehe.

Sarah xXx

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  1. I don't really like goats but that one is quite cute! I love a nice family day out glad you sorted your tech problem for a few of them of my own!x

  2. yeah aim not a goat lover but yay to your laptop not being broken! that reminds me i should do a back up soon too! #thankfulthursday

  3. Cute picture I love half term for the rest! Thanks for linking up #thankfulthursday


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