Reasons why I love Autumn.


I really, really love this time of year. It's my absolute favourite time of year (besides Christmas!)


It's such a beautiful time of year. It's not too hot and it's not too cold which I personally think it perfect.


 I love the colours and the scents of Autumn. Bonfires and crispy leaves. Ellie also told me today that she loves the crunchy leaves, too! Over the next week or so we're going to go on a nice Autumn walk and take lots of photos, look for conkers and acorns. Last year we made some lovely Autumn acorn faces, which the little's loved so much! We really want to achieve everything on our Autumn bucket list this year.

Febreeze candle

I also love lighting a scented candle in the evenings, either curled up on the sofa in my PJs with a good book, watching T.V or of course, blogging! I don't have any time during the day to relax, so I do enjoy a relaxing evening - having some ME time (which doesn't happen very often, I might add!) I brought this candle when it was on sale in Tescos and tonight I have lit it, it's vanilla scented and it smells divine.


The meadow always looks so beautiful this time of year. It's just a pitty that they 'trimmed' the willow tree! Oh well, it'll grow back and to be fair, it was rather over grown.


And! It's also onsie weather! Yes, Harry is wearing his Christmas onsie but it is rather cute. Can't believe how grown up he is now - he'll be ELEVEN in a couple of weeks or so. Whoa.

I also love the fact that it's almost Halloween followed by bonfire night! It's such an exciting time of year. Ohhh and wooly jumpers & boots!!
I also hope to get my bake on this week and make some Autumnal themed cakes and otehr goodies, if you have any recipes/suggestions of things I can (easily) make, let me know in the comments, or you can tweet me: @OoserzoO

The only downfall to Autumn? The spiders. Yuck! They seem to be really huge this year, too! My cat likes to chase them, I however, run in the opposite direction.

What are your favourite things about Autumn? Let me know in the comments :)

Sarah xXx

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  1. I love Autumn if the weather stays nice. I don't like the evenings getting darker though. #savouringtheseason xxx

  2. I love the Fall temperatures although Kentucky hasn't gotten the Memo it's Fall yet apparently. I think we are in for a cool down next week and I can't wait. I'm ready to break out my cardigans and scarves!!!!!

  3. It is my favourite time of year too :) perfect for running in ..

    Thanks for linking up #weekendbloghop

  4. Fall is just my favorite. I love the weather too. I really like doing all the fun, Fall activities. We already went apple picking and we plan on going to the pumpkin patch this weekend. I can't wait! I love all of the apple and pumpkin recipes too! Yum!

  5. Autumn means tights and duffle coats! love your excitement!

  6. I love it too my favourite season bar
    Spring :) I love Christmas too but it's the colours, the crisp leaves, the slight chill jumpers and the darker evenings return yey!x

  7. Oh I love Autumn too - for all of these reasons and how you can get snuggly and warm and not feel guilty for just staying in and watching the TV! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo :) x

  8. Ooooooh, I'm a big autumn fan too... There is something so lovely about copying up! We love autumnal treats too... Last year we made a tonne of these muffins. Delicious! Thanks so much for linking up with #SavouringtheSeason


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