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I haven't posted a 'What's In My Letterbox' for a little while, mainly because I haven't received much/ However, this week and last week, Ive received a few things for Birthdays and Christmas.

First of all I ordered two of these lovely plush' toys for Christmas presents! They're currently buy one get one for £1 (BARGAIN!) on the disney store website and I couldn't let that deal pass me by. (Thank you Laura for letting me know about it)

Next I received a FREE bag for life from dotcomgiftshop. Which is awesome because now we have to pay for plastic shopping bags! I now have one I can use over and over again! I didn't have to make an order or pay anything for this bag! Lovely useful little freebie.
Fifa 16 also arrived last week, thankfully in time for Harry's Birthday which is next week (Can't believe he'll be twelve! CRAZY!)

And my phone case came. It's not very attractive because it's a bumper case. But, I'd rather have a not very attractive phone case than a cracked and broken screen again! I've learned my lesson! I do put my cute cases on when I'm at home and my phone won't get damaged.

I received some digital kitchen scales to review, which I have reviewed here.

I've also received my new boots card! Hoorah! That'll be handy collecting points at this time of year, what with Christmas and everything. The points will soon build up, hehe. And of course the usual household bills blah blah.

What have you received in the mail this week?

Sarah xXx

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  1. Yayyyy for mail!! I've received so much lately as you well know lol! I'll do a post like this at some point when I receive everything

  2. Those plushies are so adorable! It makes me want to go check out the Disney store website - but my bank balance fears it. ;D

  3. Aww lady and the tramp are too cute! I'm off to browse the disney store now hehe ;)
    Thanks for linking up with #LIML

  4. definitely just had a nosey at the disney store online. i want to buy loads now but my house is coming down with plushies!

  5. What cute plush toys. I've not watched lady and the tramp for years. I love the
    look of the cute bag from dot.com gifts too as I love florals.

  6. Wow the Disney deal is fabulous! I will go and check it out for my boys. Thanks for the heads up!

  7. Love some bargain. Those toys are great

  8. I also got on of those bags and they are fab. such good quality and so strong. You now have me looking on the disney store!!!

  9. Such a great deal from the Disney Store! And that bag is so cute. Totally agree about the Boots points, I keep nipping in to pick up things hear and there hoping that my points will add up to something useful!

  10. I love receiving parcels through the mail :) Looks like you've got a lovely bunch of stuff here. Great bargain on the Disney toys, definitely one to not be missed!

  11. I got the new Johanna Basford colouring book Lost Ocean.I tend to get stuff to review at least once a week too, my eldest received a tween book to review.

  12. That's a great bargain from the Disney store! May go browse there and see if there is anything for the little man! I'm a big fan of the Boots points, especially with their parenting club - means I can accumulate points to treat myself when buying formula, nappies and kids clothes!

  13. What a bargain those plush toys where got to love a bit of Disney. In my mailbox this week I have got two pairs of shoes, a skirt, a co-ord and a card.

  14. Oh BOOTS CARD!! you've reminded me I have to get one too ... I've picked up about 10 application forms for that damn reward card and still not quite achieved an actual real card yet.
    Great post, I do enjoy a good nose at other peoples' stuff!
    Anna x

  15. Oh wow, those Disney toys are an amazing deal - not that we need any more cuddly toys ;) I love getting parcels! Kaz x

  16. I got two Disney toys this week as well! I got the kids one each for Christmas - Thumper for Stacey and Rex from Toy Story for Oscar. I can't wait to see their faces when they unwrap them :D

    Louise x

  17. Love Disney toys - they're so cute! Would make great Christmas gifts for the kiddies :)


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