Ozeri Pro II Digital Kitchen Scale. {Review}


I was sent the Ozeri Pro II DIgital Kitchen Scale to review. With it being Autumn and with winter coming up, I do a lot of baking so having a good, reliable set of kitchen scales is a must!

In the box is the scale, the glass platform, 2 AAA batteries, instruction book and also a calorie guide. The Ozeri pro II scales have a removable glass platform, a timer with an alarm, which beeps and has a blinking LED light. The timer is a really cool feature.
The scale converts between ounces, grams and pounds, too!

It also has a tare feature, which means the scale subtracts the weight of the container.  The tare button allowed me to reset the weight back to 0 after putting the bowl onto the glass platform. I weighed the sugar, hit the tare button (reset), add the flour, hit the tare button and reset back to 0 and so on! It's ever so simple and a quicker way of weighing things!

 The scale seems very accurate, I've tried it in grams and ounces as well as pounds. The scale allows you to weigh as little as 1g. It's very simple to use. I just turned it on, pressed the 'UNIT' button and set the scale to the measurement I needed to use. I tried the (very handy) timer out which is perfectly accurate! It's perfect for timing how long the cakes I made needed to be in the oven, no food ever needs to be over or under cooked again! 

The scales also have large buttons, making it easier to read and see clearly which each button is for!
The scale itself is rather light, small and compact and very easy to store. The glass platform just screws off and on.

I really like the fact that the scale has a timer, is simple to use, I can weigh more than one thing at a time because it's easy to reset back to 0 and I really, really like that the batteries are included with the scale! Adding in the calorie counting guide is a lovely bonus, too!

These scales come in silver and black.

Overall this is the perfect set of scales in my opinion! At the time of writing this review the scales are priced at £24.99 and I would say they are well worth the money!

Sarah xXx

I was sent the above product for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own, honest, personal opinions, I was not paid for this post.

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  1. Oh this looks fab actually! My kitchen scales are so bulky - always such a pain getting them in and out of the cupboard and then you have to move the dial yourself to get it back to 0. This looks light weight and really easy to us - might be getting myself one soon, thanks :)

  2. I love the idea of the tare button so you know for sure your measurements are accurate without having to weigh bowls separately and subtract the weight etc. These seem like fab scales, and I agree are well worth the money if you do a lot of baking.
    I know this is totally off topic, but I have to say I LOVE your header :)

  3. The tare feature sounds really useful. It is so consuming having to measure out individual ingredients one by one, this sounds like a much better way. And those scales are really stylish too

  4. I might be the last person in their twenties who likes kitchen stuff and has their own recipe notebook. At least among the people I know, since now the internet is invented.
    Is it weird that after enjoying some foodporn and fashion, I also enjoyed this kitchen scale post? :)))

    Thanks ;)

  5. I've been needing a digital scale for years as the one we have is more of a guess than a measurement. This sounds like a great little product and good value for money. Thanks for sharing!

  6. My son has been nagging me for some scales as he is very much into weight training and has to eat just the right amount of chicken and rice. Thanks for the review these sound perfect for what we need

  7. We have one of these too and I've always found it very easy to use. It doesn't take up too much cupboard space either.

  8. I was actually looking at kitchen scales recently. these look great. big J has just started doing cookery in school and was asking me to weigh his ingredients and i didn't have anything - oops

  9. I have been meaning to get a kitchen scale for ages but keep putting them off due to sizes. This one looks so handy and small. I also like the sound of this on/off tare button. Good review hun :)


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