This weeks goals.


This weeks goals @ ups and downs, smiles and frowns.
I was suppose to post 'This weeks goals' on Monday but thanks to the awful headache I've had for like a week or more, I haven't really been blogging or anything much at all really. I didn't achieve a lot off last weeks list because I just felt so blah!! Better late than never though! Hopefully the headache subsides (it's not as bad as it was) so I can get things done.
I'm really going to try and be productive and stay as active as I can while the headache isn't as bad. 

So here's my list of things to achieve this week - It's a bit random.

1) Blitz my bedroom as I didn't do it last week due to the headache.
2) Sort the cupboard out under the stairs (again, I didn't get around to finishing it last week)
3) Get thru my list of phone calls I need to make.
4) Organise the boys closest and clothes.
5) Take the shower head off and clean it.
6) Sort the cupboard out in the hall.
7) Put the 'junk' in the attic. (It's not junk, it's mainly books!)
8) Re arrange the kitchen cupboards (I need to start stocking up for Xmas but have no space)
9) Catch up on blogging!
10) Relax & have lots of family time this weekend. I'm thinking arts and crafts & board games.

If the weather holds off, maybe we can go for a nice Autumnal walk again! We enjoyed that last week, it's such a beautiful time of year. Especially with living in the countryside. I love it!!

What's on your To Do list this week?

Sarah. xXx

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  1. I need to sort out my kids closets also! the top shelves in there need sorting anyway. i somehow seem to have so many clothes as well! i need to do a cull!

  2. I always end up with such a long to-do list when I miss a day too! It's so typical that all these little things build up! x

  3. I have a list like that. I never get through it being unwell but I try. I blitz my side of the bedroom which feels good to have emptied the clutter! Now to do my daughters room by monday as we are getting cleaners to do a spring clean!

  4. Woah! that's a lot of things to do. Perhaps kids can help you out in such an activity. Bless you wish i could come around and help. I hope you feel better soon and drink some water.


  5. There's just too much to do to be honest and I need to write it down because I tend to stress about it. The biggest thing on the list is probably starting to print our wedding invitations to see what they look like.

  6. Great list, I hope the headache disappears soon and that you manage to get some of the bits done. Its always the sorting out which seems to take the time doesn't it!! My to do list (if I wrote one) would probably take up 2 pages of A4! Eeek!! xx

  7. Boo to the headaches. It seems to be the week for them.

    My cleaning blitz was last weekend because I've got a friend coming this weekend. But my new task is to get my windscreen wipers sorted because they've suddenly stopped working. I'm worried they won't have parts and I'll not be able to drive in case of rain this weekend

  8. Ah this is a fab idea! I write a to do list for the next day every night before bed, it just really helps to declutter my mind more than anything...if its on the list I can forget about it! Hope you get through the list ok! xx

  9. This looks a lot like my 'to-do' list!! And I've also been suffering with terrible headaches this week. I think it's more to do with me spending Monday at a 911 concert and pretending to be 14 again ... I just can't hack the loud music anymore!! Lmao.

    Louise x

  10. Gosh you really are a goal setter.I hope you achieved everything you wanted.My goals are to get out of bed before 7, get the girls to school on time and start packing for our half term holiday.The first two I have failed miserably on.The packing, I've got the suitcases down from on top of the wardrobe.

  11. I love the idea of taking the weekend to spend time with family I think it is important to connect and have fun together. My list of things to achieve is endless.

  12. I love your idea of making a list on your blog so you remember to do it. I need to sort the kitchen, all the cupboards and clean everything down. It's so much hard work with having a baby also x

  13. I love to do lists I never finish them might try your way thanks for linking to the binkylinky

  14. That is a lot of goals for one week! I have one main goal each week and that's just to get through the week! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky


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