This weeks goals.


I thought I would set myself some goals for this weekend as there's a few bits and bobs that really need to be done! I'll also write this list out in one of my many, many note pads (Yes I am obsessed with notepads). Then I can have the satisfaction of crossing everything off my list and feel accomplished!

1) De-clutter the under stairs cupboard.
2) Blitz the front room (again!) and by blitz I mean pull out sofas and furniture. I did it last week but didn't pull EVERYTHING out.
3) Organise the large kitchen cupboard.
4) Blitz my bedroom.
5) Take the bags of kids clothes to the charity shop (most of it has only been worn a few times. Ellie grows SO fast!)
6) Clean under the fridge freezer and tumble drier.
7) Clear the laundry! (This will be rare!)
8) Organise my DVDs
9) Update my 'To Read' list.
10) Take a long hot bubble bath !

As well as all the usual household chores and whatever else that pops up in between. It's more than doable though and I need to get back into being productive after being ill last week! 

Sarah xXx

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  1. I love the idea of a weekend goals list

  2. I love a good list, I find it helps me to be far more productive! I just got back from a holiday last weekend and as I went straight back to work I still haven't unpacked! :/ woops! It's on my list of things to do this weekend!

    C x | Lux Life

  3. Wow you are going to be so busy! You are super productive if you get through all that x

  4. Great idea on writing a list for the weekend, I really should do one of these as I never get everything done that I want to at the weekends! I hope you also find a little time for a relax and manage that bubble bath x

  5. I love the idea of having a list although I never do one and you've reminded me that I need to do some things very similar to your list :) Actually I might just write them down, so I feel I'm making some progress.

  6. It'd be lovely to get all of that done! There is a lot on the list - I'm glad you have bubble bath added on too. You will need it after all your organizing & cleaning x

  7. The understaffs cupboard is something that scares the hell out of me ha ha. It will feel so nice once you have all these jobs done though. I love having a good tidy up. x

  8. Can you please come and complete your list here too?!? With 2 under 3 years, any blitzing is seen as an exciting game that needs spreading out across the house and worse than it started!

  9. Doing a list is a good idea actually...that way when I'm sidetracked by Twitter - the list is there to remind me ha ha
    Enjoy. :)

  10. Sara, I am having trouble working out if this is your list, or mine?!
    I need to do all of those things and more. I just wish I could take pictures of my large kitchen cupboard and under stairs cupboard and add to this comment in order to make you feel better about yours!
    You are not alone. Lets all unite with our shameful cupboards - Just close the door, and walk away. It works, honestly! :)
    Anna x

  11. Oh I am obsessed with notebooks too! I hope you get through your list - and that you are better now. Kaz x


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