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Randomise sent us this lovely card to review. My children are aged 8, 10 and 12 years old and couldn't wait to play this game! 

"Have you ever seen a confused octopus eating spaghetti? Or a disguised giraffe playing air guitar? Welcome to the world of RANDOMISE."

Randomise is a card game the whole family can enjoy! You need at least 4 players (aged 8+) split into two teams. We had Girls Vs Boys. Ellie & I were on one team, Harry and Charlie were on the opposite team. You'll need a stopwatch or timer (I used my phone) and each player will need some paper and a pen/pencil. 
Included in the pack of Randomise are cards explaining the scoring and cards explaining the timing. As well as some blank cards to make your own randomise cards!

The kids volunteered me to be the person in charge of the scoring. The team in charge of the scoring  have the first turn of Randomise.
When it is your turn, you must declare whether you are going for an easy or hard challenge You must also state whether you are going to draw, act or describe your character.

When it was our turn we picked a card from each pile (A, B, C). The opposite team (Harry abd Charlie) then selected 3 random numbers for us to act/draw or describe.
We then looked at the words that matched each number, revealing our new identities.

Card 'A' always describe you (E.G- Pretty, strong or confused)
Card 'B' will tell you what you are . (E.G - Frog, Santa, Octopus)
Card 'C' will tell you what you are doing (E.G Eating spaghetti, rock climbing sneezing)

When you're ready, the opposite team get ready to time your turn.
For Describing you have 30 seconds and for acting you have 60 seconds. For drawing you have 90 seconds.

1 point is awarded for every card your team successfully guesses.
Easy Levels - You get one bonus point if you team shouts out your full identity before your time is up (E.G Nervous mole eating spaghetti)
Hard levels - You get three bonuses points if your team shouts out your full identity.

We choose to draw our first cards.

Harry and Charlie acted there turn. Which was hilarious seeing a a hairy spider having a picnic, hahaha. Ellie and I didn't guess it all but we did guess hairy spider eating!
We couldn't stop laughing! Ellie was all "Oh my goodness this is SO much fun" And Charlie was like "Seriously this is SO cool" And even my (almost) teenager enjoyed it!
With so many different combinations (And you can make your own, using the blank cards), every game is different.
There are also alternative games you can play, which are included on the instruction leaflet. We haven't tried any of those yet as we've had so much fun playing Randomise! I don't think we will ever get bored of Randomise.

We have had so much fun with this game, it's so funny and really gets the imagination going! I think this is going to be a favourite family game forever to be honest. The kids haven't stopped wanting to play and we have had hours of fun!

This game would also be perfect for dinner parties and family gatherings. You can purcahse this game on Amazon UK and priced at just £9.99, it truly is worth the money!
You can also follow Randomise on Facebook.

What's your favourite family game? Or what was your favourite game when you were little?

We received this product/sample for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own, honest, personal opinion. I was not paid for this post.  

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  1. ha this looks like a fun game. Where you draw things out can be so funny! #triedtested

  2. We reviewed this game too. In fact got the giveaway closing tonight. Absolutely loved it. Such fun #Triedtested

  3. this looks like a lot of fun. my 8 year old is just getting into games and would love this thanks for sharing #triedtested

  4. Sounds like such a fun game, glad you all had a good time playing it x

  5. This looks like a fun family game to play.

  6. Oh this looks like a fun game. Great for family fun time away from phones/computers etc.

  7. This looks great - I would love to play it with my teens- we love a fun game. Kaz x

  8. Ah looks like a great game, a little something like I used to play with my family when I was younger!

  9. That would be such a good present for our god children. And really fun to play with them.

  10. Ooooohhhh thanks for this. I'll look out for it in the shops. I think my kids will love this.

  11. This sounds hilarious. I can imagine playing this with friends (and a few glasses of wine) as well as as a family when my daughter's a bit older - I know she'd love how surreal it is.

  12. Looks like a fab game and everyone enjoyed it. I can't wait for my girls to be older and enjoy games like this. X

  13. I'm all for card games and board games, especially for kids and this looks like a fab game! Will check it out for T :)

  14. I've seen this a few times and really want to get it for the kids! I think they will LOVE it! H x

  15. This looks like a great family game to play. My kiddies are way too young but will recommend it to my cousin x

  16. This sounds like such a fun game, I like anything a bit quirky and funny. My children are a bit younger than yours and we are getting into games as a family with the oldest two. x

  17. Sounds like a really fun and unique take on games like Pictionary and Taboo, great fun! :) #triedtested

  18. Oh this looks so good! definitely one for the games cupboard. Thank you for sharing this, my family needs a pack for sure.
    Anna x

  19. I bet this would make a great drinking game too ;)

  20. This game sounds perfect for the bigger kids, they love any games that involve drawing as they have a great advantage over mum who doesn't possess their artistic talents! Thanks for linking up with #ToyTuesday


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