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I thought I'd share some of my favourites lately. I'd say over the last couple of months or so these have been some of my favourite products.

About a year and a half ago, I had my hair ombre'd and as pretty as it looked, it killed my hair, I had to cut most of the ombre off after a few months because it was so dead and brittle! My hair is long so really I needed to just cut a couple of inches but even so, I did not like cutting it. I've been growing it ever since and it is finally a little tiny bit longer than it was to start with. I started using the Lee Stafford hair growth conditioner and hair mask and it has really, really helped my hair grow. It lasts ages, too! I bought this when it was on offer in boots and I am SO glad I did.

Hair and Beauty

Lee Stafford past a cream length montly fave

Like I said above, my hair was in really bad condition, I've tried many, many products and seen very little to none results. However, the Garnier ultimate blends shampoo and conditioner has worked absolute wonders. I can not recommend it enough. My hair is silky and smooth again, it's also in much better condition. Hoorah! It smells nice, too! It's usually on offer in boots or superdrug or the supermarket. I got mine when they were half price in boots (I think!)

Ultimate blends review

I've also been loving the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, which is fab and reasonably priced. I don't wear make up every day which means it lasts me a while!

I've been trying really hard to stay organised lately, too. Having a good diary and notepad is really helpful. I bought Louise aka Sprinkle of Glitter (on youtube) diary last year, I think I got around £2 off. I really like it! It helps me stay organised. I also love the inspirational quotes inside and the little 'Tasks'. It's lovely.
Sprinkle of glitter diary and stationary
 I've also been writing a lot of lists in my notepad which snapfish sent me to review. It's perfect for lists and little notes!
Snapfish notepad review

I've also been loving candles, especially scented ones. They help me to relax and they make my house smell amazing! I love the 'Blushing Blossoms' scent from the Walnut Avenue range. It's has beautiful, sweet, spring scent. It's not too over powering either. I'd never tried this range of candles before, they're so cheap (Around £2 in my local bargain store) and let me tell you, it smells AMAZING! I wasn't expectnig it to be amazing as it was so cheap. It has three wicks and it's lasted for a few weeks! Honestly, it smells just as nice as more expensive brands.

Blushing Blossom Candle monthly fave

I've also been loving my light box which I got as a lovely Birthday present. I've wanted one for such a long time (Thanks Youtube!). I love setting up inspiring quotes, which help keep me motivated! It lights up SO well, too.


I invested in the Vax Multi Function steamer, which was reduced in Argos and let me tell you, I LOVE it! How did I ever manage without a steamer? It makes cleaning so much easier and the steam mop is pretty good, too! I love it.

Reading, T.V/Leisure
Tillie Cole, A thousand boy kissesI've been reading a lot lately, which you can read about here. My favourite book so far this year is 'A Thousand Boy Kisses' By Tillie Cole. It's such a happy but sad, beautiful and just truly lovely. I may or may not have needed a box of tissues. It's a very emotional book. It's beautifully written, too. If you liked 'The Fault In Our Stars' I recommend this book! I also really like the cover! And every time I see cherry blossom, I think of Poppy! Yeah I know, it's not even a true story but gosh! This book really touched me and it'll be on my mind for a while to come!

What to read next and what I've read lately.

I usually catch up with youtube a couple of times a week as I don't always have time. It's handy on my phone though when I'm on the bus or whatever. I've been watching Fun For Louis a lot lately, he's a travel vlogger and very inspiring. I love seeing different parts of the world. I think his Brazil rainforest vlogs are my favourite. I've also been enjoying the Michalaks weekly vlogs. They actually vlog every day and then upload there weekly vlog on a Sunday. There videos are amazingly filmed and edited.

I found a T.V drama to watch on BBC iPlayer called Thirteen and it is SO good. "After thirteen years od being held captive, Ivy Moxin escapes..."
It's about a girl who gets kidnapped and is held captive for 13 years. It's SO good! It's on BBC iPlayer if you're looking for something new to watch, I highly recommend this. There are five episodes.

My Grandparents bought me a lovely bunch of flowers because I was really poorly for a while. and I've been loving those! They brighten my kitchen up and I love, love, love fresh flowers a lot. I feel very blessed, it was so sweet of my Grandparents to buy me flowers.

What are some of your favourties? Let me know in the comments. I'm also looking for a new T.V series to watch if you have any suggestions :)

Watch this space for a 'Kids Favourites' post where I'll be sharing my three children's favourites lately, too! 

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  1. I watched 13, did you find the end really odd?
    I love the Lee Stafford stuff, ive been using the hair growth spray and its fab


  2. I've heard so much about Garnier ultimate blends I really need to try it for myself sometime soon, good round up. x

  3. I'm trying to grow my hair at the moment, and it's bleached so it takes ages. I'm an Aussie Hair Care girl, so I'll try and get out of my comfort zone and try this!

  4. I keep seeing people with light boxes and I really really want one x

  5. Great round up! I am definitely going to try the hair growth product as whilst my hair is quite long it NEVER grows past a certain length so perhaps this will help. Thanks for sharing xx

  6. I have read those books and found them really interesting. Those flowers are beautiful, hope you're feeling better now x

  7. These light boxes are so popular now! I used to think they were cool but now they're just becoming too common... lol

    Oliver •

  8. There are some gorgeous items on your list. Loving the candle and the hair growth mask.

  9. Brilliant selection for your favourites, a lot of things I've not heard of on there. Always great to have new ideas! x

  10. Love the notebooks and pens! I do love stationary too :)

  11. I love the lee Stafford range, I should get this for my fringe I've been growing out, it just seems to have stopped at a certain length x

  12. I love the lightbox I have been wanting one myself! In terms of hair tell me about it, my hair is so dry and brittle it needs some tlc.

  13. I have used that shampoo - it smells amaze! I also want a light box :)

  14. Aw, yay for flowers! They're so pretty! That tv show sounds interesting too - will have to look out for it.

  15. Some great favourites. The Lee Stafford hair mask, I've got after a friend gave it to me to help my hair. The same thing with ombre and constant colour changing happened to me until I cut off the dead ends and returned to my natural hair colour. I still use this mask occasionally. x

  16. Scented candles are my current obsession as well! x

  17. I am going to have to check those books out. They look really interesting. I just started reading again so I am looking for good books.

  18. Those flowers are really pretty! My kids are obsessed with a BBC show called 'Sarah and Duck'. I also love scented candles.


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