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Over the last few weeks, I've been picking up items of clothing for the kids. They have all grown so much this past year that none of there spring and summer clothes will fit this year! I do not see the point in spending mega amounts of money on kids clothes because a) They outgrow them so fast and b) Most of the time my boys will end up with holes or stains all over there clothes - playing football and climbing trees. I really like Tesco for kids clothes, Tesco's have an amazing range of kids clothes and they are SO reasonably priced.

Kids floral leggins and floral wellie boots @ ups and downs, smiles and frownsKids floral leggins and floral wellie boots @ ups and downs, smiles and frowns

I picked this T.shirt for Ellie (£3) and a pack of two leggins (£7). One pair is turquoise/mint in colour and the other pair are grey with a flower/floral patterned, which are perfect for Spring.
The wellie boots are also from Tescos (a couple of years ago - bought a size too big when they were on sale! Ready for Ellie to grow into)
What's your favourite store to buy kids clothes from?

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  1. What a pretty girl! Love her wellies, so cute :) - Dean of Little Steps

  2. I tend to get most of my kids clothes from the charity shop. They grow out of them so quickly I can't justify the expense of new ones. I do like to treat them to something new every now and again and oh my goodness I love those wellies!!! :D

  3. Such a beautiful little girl! I firmly believe simplicity is the best. And absolutely no need to break the bank! x

  4. Those are pretty... out there! :) Very cute though.

    Oliver • http://suedeandsymphony.com

  5. Very cute! Love the ribbon detail on the wellies. I'm an Asda girl myself but only because I don't have a Tesco near me. Thanks for sharing with #FartGlitter x

  6. Cute! Love the wellies! I really like the supermarkets too - they have so much choice & lovely clothes these days, and makes so much more sense to buy cheaper clothes for little ones. #fartglitter


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