They say things come in threes...


These last couple of weeks has been a bit of a nightmare for me. 

First my T.V broke (I had no picture, just sound, I changed all of the leads and it wasn't them.), then my washing door broke (I was lucky enough to know someone selling one that had only been used a couple of times which was cheap. I wrote about it in my reasons to be cheerful post.) and then this weekend just gone, my freezer broke!! The insurance had just ran out on it, too. I was so mad. I did inquire via the phone number for hotpoint only to be told it was either a thermostat or an electrical fault. Both of which were likely to be costly. They did offer an engineer coming out to look at the the freezer, but I declined. *sigh* I could've cried! My grandad has offered to lend me the money for a new one if needs be. Which I am SO grateful for. Obviously I can't be without a freezer.
Not one, not two but Three very expensive, essential items break all within a couple of weeks. Seriously?! What have I done to deserve this?! Ugh. 
And today? My fridge is leaking. Awesome. 

I can't wait for May to be over, it's been a really unlucky month for me. Lets hope for a better June!  

Sarah xXx 

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