A walk to the park. #CountryKids


We've been really blessed with beautiful weather the past few days. It's been so sunny and warm! Finally, some decent weather to enjoy. We enjoyed a trip to the park on Friday as my children had a non pupil day. Of course, we took the football with us to the park. When we got to the park Harry spotted some friends from school and went off to play football with them. Ellie and Charlie just wanted to play on the park. Charlies favourite is the swings and Ellies favourite is the see-saw. Harry however, just likes the space to play a good ole game of footy with his pals from school. 

On the way back we spotted a beautiful cat, she was very pale ginger and just so, so beautiful. We tried to fuss her but she ran off, lol. We also spotted other wildlife like flowers and butterflies. 
We finished off at the shop for icecream, yummy! 
I hope the weather stays nice, we've really been enjoying the sunshine! =) 
I hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine, too. 

Sarah xXx

P.S Anyone can now comment me, before it was only blogger/google accounts. I changed the comment thingy. 

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