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My daughter had the chance to have her pictures taken professionally at school. They're not school photos though as you can see. (She had her school pictures taken back in October time I think it was). I thought they were actually quite expensive it worked out cheaper to by the CD with the photos on so that I can get them printed myself (and in whatever size!!) Everybody chipped in some money towards it (It was £20 in total for the CD with 3 pictures in 3 different effects, which wasn't too bad) and I'll get them printed when I can afford it. I can also add frames to them, with the software that's on the CD along with the photos. 
I really like how they turned out. I do wish Ellie would wear dresses though, she just doesn't like dresses, she's girly when it comes to everything else, just not dresses. 

There are three poses, one standing up, one laying down and one sitting up with her hands on her knee. Every pose is in colour, black and white and sepia. I really love them all! I'm going to ask for one to be put on canvas for my Christmas present at Christmas time. 
I hope the school do this again next year! :) 

Here's one with one of the frames. Just for fun, hehe. 

Sarah xXx 

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