Ribena Plus review (Bzzagent)


We were lucky enough to have been sent some Ribena Plus to review via Bzzagent. We are big fans of Ribena so we couldn't wait to try the new Ribena plus. 
Ribena plus is no added sugar juice drink with added calcium and vitamins (perfect for growing kiddies!) Read more about the benefits of drinking Ribena here.
It still tastes like Ribena and is really fruity! 
It comes in four fruity flavours:

  • Classically delicious Blackcurrant
  • Refreshing Apple & Peach
  • Tangy NEW Red Apple
  • Luscious NEW Summer Fruits 
We loved each flavour. I especially loved the apple and peach, yummy. All the flavours are delicious, a nice refreshing, smooth, fruity drink. Perfect for hot sunny days! 
For more information on Ribena you can click here.

 As you can see, my little testers, Ellie and Charlie really enjoyed the drinks. In Charlies (7 y/o) words "It's so fruitilcious, yum yum" And Ellie said "It's so yummy, I can't wait to try the other flavours" followed by a "mmmmmm" sound, bless. Also, my eldest, Harry (he's 9!) really enjoyed the Ribena, too! He guzzled down a whole carton after playing football and said "That was just what I needed. My new favourite drink!" (H won't let me take pictures very often. he's what we call, Camera shy lol)

What's your favourite flavour Ribena?
I hope you liked my review :)

Sarah xXx 

(This is my own personal, honest opinion. I didn't HAVE to blog about this product, I just wanted to share my opinion and tell everyone how wonderful Ribena is. I also Tweeted and Facebooked about Ribena plus.)

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