Reasons to be cheerful (week 21)


1) I've actually got a kid free night tomorrow night! Ohmygosh. This hasn't happened for a while. The boys are going fishing with there dad and spending the weekend at his. My daughter is going to a sleepover at her friends house. (Her friends mum is my best friend, we've been friends since we were eight years old! Now her daughter is 9 months older than Ellie and they are also best friends!) I don't know what I'll do with myself! Oh my days. I'll be having a long lay in Saturday, I know that much!!! (I bet I can't sleep in, haha, that'll be right, lol) I know I'm going to be so lost without any kids here, even if it is just for one night and a morning. I think I deserve a break though. Perhaps a couple of glasses of wine? A bath in peace? I can stay up mega late and not have to worry about being up early. Ha, what's the bet I'm asleep by 11? Lmao.

2) The kiddies break up for half term tomorrow! It'll be so nice not to have to rush around and being able to 'lay in' (well, until the kids wake up!) the past few days I've been having to wake them up, they've no wanted to get out of bed! I hope they'll be feeling lazy in the mornings next week LOL. Of course, it'll be lovely having them home, too and spending time together. We don't have any plans but I'd like to have a picnic at the park if the weather is nice and play lots of board games, do some arts and crafts and watch some family movies, what fun :DI hope we have some nice weather!!

3) The fact that I am feeling 10 times better than I was a week and two weeks ago. My ears still feel blocked though. That flu/cold was awful, really knocked me out tbh. I hope the kids don't get it!

What are your reasons to be cheerful this week?

Sarah xXx

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