Reasons to be cheerful (week 19!) #R2BC


Here are my reasons to be cheerful this week :)

1) The weather!! The weather has been amazing again! I am hoping to go to a carboot sale this Sunday, if the weather is nice of course! I love carboot sales, hehe. 
2) As it was a lovely day yesterday we decided to take the kiddies for a walk along the seafront after school! We also took Ellies best friend (who happens to be my best friends daughter, lol!) along with us. We made sand castle and looked for shells on the beach. We tried looking for crabs but with no luck. We found muscles instead, though! Charlie thought they were cool because the shells hadn't been broken, hehe. (Will join up with #countrykids again this week, so look out for that post!) 
3) My three kiddies, they ALWAYS make me smile :) I am poorly (cold/flu) and need cheering up! Of course, my kiddies always cheer me up & make me smile. I feel really blessed to have my three amazing children, they truly are my world. 

Sarah xXx 

Anyone can now comment on my blog posts! I changed my comment thingy to 'comment love' so you no longer have to have an account to comment me! Just a name and email address or login with Twitter/wordpress! How cool is that?! 

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