Why do I find meal planing so difficult?


I'm trying out new foods and recipes so that I can start budgeting and meal planning a bit better. It'll help with budgeting the grocery food shop too if I have all the meals planned. So if anyone has any easy/simple recipes (or tips) they'd like to share with me, feel free :) I really want to get into meal planning but I find is so hard to stick to, so I thought adding in some different foods might make it more interesting, lol.

I'm cooking a Chinese style dinner tonight. Pork chops Chinese style (they were on a reasonable offer in the supermarket), special fried rice, bean sprouts in Chinese BBQ sauce! It's also a good way to get vegies into the kids 'cause I can hide it, lol. Yummy. I hope it turns out alright. I'm doing the rice myself and I'll stir fry the bean sprouts in the sauce. If it turns out ok and the kids like it (I think they will, they love Chinese food) then I'm going to add it to our meal plan.

I'm also going to add in sausage and mash to our meal plan because that's the kids favourite, they all love that! It's hard to find things they ALL like because they all have different tastes when it comes to food. Ellie doesn't like anything overly spicy, she's quite fussy to be honest (I really hope she likes tonight dinner! Although it's not exactly spicy as such), Harry will only eat certain vegies but Charlie will eat (or at least try) anything more'a less. Cheese and potato pie is another favourite. With bacon or chicken and either vegies or salad so I'll be adding that in, too.

Do you meal plan? How did you get into meal planning?

Sarah xXx

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