Oh we do like to be beside the seaside... #countrykids


Wednesday after school I decided to take the kiddies to the beach after school! See, we live along the coast and not far from the beach, we're so lucky! The kids LOVE the beach, we built sand castles, looked in rock pools, found some muscles, collected shells and ran around in the open, on the sand. It was great fun. I can't wait to take the kids again. Ellies best friend came with us, too!

After the beach we went got some chips for tea, we ate them in the gardens along the seafront and had ice cream afterwards, yummy! 
We walked along the pier but the kiddies didn't like it because they could see the water between the gaps in the wooden planks, lol. We finished off going on the 2p machines, such good fun! The kids didn't win any prizes but they loved it when they won more 2ps lol. It was really good fun!! The little ones also had a little go on the merry go round. :D 

I hope the nice warm weather comes back so that we can do again really soon. :) Can't wait until half term, maybe we'll get the chance to go to the beach for a picnic, hehe. 

Sarah xXx 

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