Reasons to be cheerful (week 20) #R2BC


Can you believe we're already in week 20? Oh my goodness, time is going to fast, lol. Anyway, here are my reasons to be happy this week: 

1) My kids! My kids ALWAYS make me smile. They are truly amazing. They're all doing fab at school. I am so, so proud of them. They're all so smart, funny and have amazing personalities. I love watching them grow. Sometimes though it's bittersweet. Time goes toooooo fast. Don't you think?

2) I'm feeling slightly better. Only slightly but anything is an improvement on how I have been feeling this week. Honestly this flu/cold has knocked me right out. I am just glad I am finally getting better! I really hope the kids don't catch it...

3) Last week my washing machine door broke. The machine itself was quite old and wasn't that great. I was telling my best friend about it and she told me that her brother was selling a washing machine cheap (£70! And he said I can pay in installments if I can't pay £70 outright. That's really nice of him and his girlfriend) The machine is like BRAND NEW. It's only been used a couple of time. It's all plumbed in now and so much better than the old machine I had. I really love it (even though I've already dyed one load of washing pink. Harrys white England kit.. uh-oh. There was a red sock in the white wash, eek! Never mind though, ya live and learn, lol!) So yay! New washing machine!!

What are your reasons to be cheerful this week? Why not head over to Mymmyfromtheheart and join in the blog hop! :)

Sarah xXx

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