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The weekly bits and bobs

Goodness, we're half way through June! How did that happen?! The end of the school term is approaching fast. Charlie's 11th Birthday is also approaching fast. I need to get my skates on and organise his Birthday! Anyway, here are the best and worst bits of this week.


  • Ellie, Harry and myself had a tummy bug over the weekend. Ellie and Harry didn't go to school on Monday. But they're both better now, thank goodness. A lot of kids in the school have had it apparently.  Last week it was my IIH flaring up slightly and then this week it's a bug. I feel like there's something constantly the matter with me - I'm falling apart, haha. My stomach still isn't right. At least the kids have bounced back though! That's the main thing.
  • The weather has been bipolar again. Seems like it's typical British weather. One minute it's hot and sunny and the next it's dark and pouring with rain. Oh well, I am sure it'll pick up soon and we can spend more time outside :)
There's not many negatives that I can thing of! Phew.


  • We went to a local summer fete last week - Queens birthday celebrations in our local village-  and it was a lot of fun! The kids had a blast. Charlie was in charge of the beanbag throwing stall, which he loved and felt ever so grown up about. Bless him. They both enjoyed some summer snacks and a few bounces on the bouncy castle. Harry met us at the fete after he'd finished school and had a wander around. It was nice because he saw his old teacher from primary school :) 

  • I wrote about my new baby nephew being born last week. Well, I had newborn snuggles again! He is so beautiful. I wish I could share a photo but I don't think my brother and SIL would want me to share on a public blog, which I understand and respect. You'll just have to take my word for it that he's beautiful and we all love him so, so much already! 
  • I've been reading A LOT lately. I have many books on my kindle to get through. 
Love reading. Reading Quotes. Book Quotes. Books and a candle

  • While we're on the subject of books. I found a few bargains yesterday. I have a 'To Read' list. Most of which are on my kindle, some I don't own at all. Well I went into a second hand shop and found FOUR books from my "To Read" list. I found them in a second hand shop for less than £3 (total!) and that included a couple of children's books too! They're all in NEW condition. They don't even look like they've been touched, let alone read. Very pleased with my bargain book buys. (I also bought Skin Deep by Casey Watson - not pictured & I've already read The Fault In Our Stars which I reviewed here. I just didn't own a paper copy) 
  • Ellie has also been reading more! Which is lovely to see. The boys do read but I think Ellie truly takes after me for her love of books. 
  • I've made a book Instagram account especially dedicated to my books and book reviews. I made it because I didn't want books taking over my personal Instagram. You can follow me if you'd like: @The.BookHub
  • I forgot to write about this the other week but both the boys had the denstist a couple of weeks ago and no fillings needed! They both have healthy teeth! Phew!
  • Oh and!! I went power walking/jogging three times last week! It's on hold for now until I'm full 100% feeling better but I am super proud of myself! 
Things to look forward to.

  • I wrote a list of things I need to do this week. I have a lot still to do on that list, due to being unwell, I wasn't able to do very much but I know I'll get there in end! Having a list helps motivate me. I'm looking forward to completing it - I'll have more time to read, hehe.
  • I'm looking forward to the weekend. Last weekend was wasted! The weather is suppose to be nice too! Hopefully we can get out to the park at least. 
  • It's my nieces Birthday in a couple of days. The kids and I have been invited to her tea party which we're excited about. 
  • Sleep! I am looking forward to a good nights kip. My sleep has been broken and restless the last few nights. A good nights sleep will do me the world of good! :)

What are your best and worst bits this week? What are you are most looking forward to? Let me know in the comments :)

Best of Worst
A Cornish Mum


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  1. Blimey, glad you all feeling better! I love a good book too, read 'me before you' last week in a day (couldn't put it down) and am now waiting for my teen to become free so we can head to the cinema and see the film. I also started reading the sequel book 'me after you' which is good, but hasn't got me as hooked a the first book, its been 4 days and I'm only half way through lol :) #bestandworst

  2. Lovely post! Hope you're all feeling much better now #bestandworst

  3. So glad that your children are better. It's awfully worrying when they have a stomach bug.

  4. Really glad your children are feeling better. Never a good feeling having to worry about health! On a completely different note, loving the books you are currently reading. £3 for all those books is an amazingly good deal!


  5. Sorry to hear about the tummy bugs. The Summer fete sounds like a good event and reading is great! I am trying to relax and read more.

  6. Hope they're feeling better. I do love a good party and congrats on being an aunty again!

  7. Second hand shops can be the best for book finds, so great news you found some of your to read books there. x

  8. Time passed quickly indeed! Love your readings xx

  9. hope you are feeling better now. I read a fault in our stars and it is amazing but be warned you will need a whole box of tissues for that one.

  10. I am sad the weather is bipolar again, today after work I got drenched through my umbrella, so not a happy bunny. Glad you guys are better now

  11. Sorry to hear you all haven't been well - but yay for being better now - it sounds like you managed to make the most of your "well" time :) x

  12. I wish I had more time to read. I suppose I will need to make time. Second hand shops are ace!

  13. Great that you catch up with reading. Fault in our stars is amazing. Have you seen the movie as well?

  14. Tummy bugs are the worst, pleased to hear its all gone! I'm going to check out your book reviews I am always looking for new books to read x #picknmix

  15. I so wish I had more time to read!!!!

  16. I so wish I had more time for reading! I think I need a new kindle though as mine is old, chunky and hard to see.

  17. I love second hand shops for books - I have found so many treasures and for such bargains too. Though my to be read pile is so tall it's going to fall over!

  18. Congratulations on your baby nephew, but sorry to hear you have been poorly, I hope you're feeling a lot better. x

  19. Sorry about the stomach bug. That's never fun. I'm glad the kids are doing better--I hope you feel better too!

    I also love to read!

  20. I love reading posts like this!! Hope you feel better soon. I'm looking forward to my birthday on Tuesday! Xx

  21. Ah, the continuous merry-go-round of illness that comes with parenthood - I know it well. ;) Glad to hear you've had lots of highlights too, though!

  22. I love positive posts :) Newborn cuddles are the very best, and i hope you are feeling better now as sickness is the worst ;)

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

  23. I can't even deal with the madness that is the weather right now. I can't dress or plan for anything. I've been getting through a lot of books lately, only bonus of my extra long work journey is that I have plenty of time with the Kindle. Hope you have a lovely time at your niece's birthday

  24. I've made a renewed emphasis on trying to catch up on my reading also. My pile of books I keep buying is getting ridiculous. Glad everyone is feeling better #twinklytuesday


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