The Weekly Bits & Bobs #3


The weekly bits and bobs - the best & worst and reasons to smile!

I'm doing my weekly bits and bobs post early this week because I didn't do one last week. I did however do a May round up. Overall, May was a pretty good month. 

Here are my best & worst bits from last week. 

  • My sister in law had the baby! YAY! A little boy. 7lb 2oz and he is ADORABLE! My brother and SIL are over the moon, as is my little niece who is now a big sister. I had newborn cuddles over the weekend and oh my goodness!! So cute. I could have held him all day long, haha. 
  • We had a relaxing half term. The weather was no on our side but that's ok. We chilled around the house. The kids did manage to play out on there bikes around the close and in the garden. We played some board games and watched movies. It was nice. We did enjoy a lovely walk around our local woodland. It was a shame Harry had school (the other two had an inset day). Still we have the whole summer to explore some more.
  • There's less than seven weeks left of school until the kids break up for Summer. Madness. This year is flying by. I need to start thinking about Charlie's Birthday which is next month. Can't believe he's going to eleven. 
  • I spent some time with my grandparents last week. It was so lovely to see them. 
  • I've been sleeping a lot better. I think the half term has reset my body clock and I'm back on schedule again. Hoorah! (Touch wood - hopefully it continues. Insomnia is no fun)  
Things that have made us smile: 

  • Seeing these very cute little ducklings with the mummy ducks! They were so cute and fluffy.
  • The fact that I've been reading more has made me happy! (It's the little things in life.)
  • The kids and knowing that they're so happy. They really are good kids, they've been helpful and have kept there rooms (semi) tidy! Horah!  (See, it really is the little things)
  • The fact that I've been sleeping better!
A mummy duck and her ducklings.

  • I had my hospital appointment last week.. I need to be referred to ENT but I won't go into that now. Really, it was a pointless appointment because I was referred to the wrong department. I need to see my GP to refer me to the right department. 
  • The weather was rubbish over half term but we didn't let it get us down too much. The weather has been lovely today!
  • Harry came home from school today because he had a headache and felt sick and dizzy but he's feeling much better now! I think it's the heat that caused the headache. 
  • My internet is playing up again. The router keeps going off and on. It's been fine all day today.. I think my ISP may need to come out and fix it, if it happens again. 
  • I haven't worked out at all. I've lost my motivation. 
We're looking forward to.. 
  • The queens 90th Birthday celebrations. We're going to a summer fete! We may even have our own little tea party or perhaps a picnic but every time I mention that 'P' word, it rains! 
  • Harry has a school trip this week which he is excited about! I'm excited for him, hehe. 
  •  I'm looking forward to more baby nephew snuggles. Aww. 
  • Spending more time outside now the weather is much better! Lets hope this weather lasts :) As long as there's a nice breeze I'm all good.
  • Getting back into working out - Starting NOW! (It's Monday when I'm writing this post -it's scheduled- and as soon as I've finished I AM going to workout! 
  • Baking some British themed cakes for the cake sale at Ellie & Charlie's school. I need to pinterest... 
What has made you smile this week? :) 

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  1. What a fantastic sounding week, many congratulations to your sister in law as well! x

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful week. I hope you get your health things sorted soon and get the appointment you need quickly

  3. We all have our ups and downs but it's good that you have things to look forward too

  4. Aw congrats on the new baby in the family. How cute! I bet he is adorable. I'm glad you are sleeping so much better - makes life feel so much better. Can't believe the 6 weeks hols are so close - weather better be sunny!! Have a good week and thanks for linking with #bestandworst xx

  5. It's a nice idea to write down the positive things that happen to us in one week! :) congrats for the new baby!!

    My week was specially nice because it was sunny and I could go to the park and enjoy the weather xxx

  6. It's a nice idea to write down the positive things that happen to us in one week! :) congrats for the new baby!!

    My week was specially nice because it was sunny and I could go to the park and enjoy the weather xxx

  7. Those ducklings are absolutely adorable - what a cute little family!

  8. Congratulations for your SIL and you new nephew, I love babies! I hope your medical issues get sorted, it's always rubbish when you feel like you are being messed around! :)

  9. I just started going to the gym too and loving it though I am in pain right now. Apart from the weather and being referred to wrong department all sounds lovely

  10. Lovely to hear that your sister in laws little one arrived safely into the world and you can have loads of baby cuddles. I hope you are being cared for really well regards your health and that your gp refers you to the correct one.#sharewithme

  11. Oooh lots of great things! You can't beat newborn cuddles - Congratulations to you all :) Kaz x

  12. Congrats on being an aunt, looks like you have good time coming up

  13. It sounds like your highs were and amazing and that you keep a great perspective on what is important! And I am glad you are sleeping again!
    I pray it continues!

  14. Congrats on the addition to your family. So exciting. I really like this post. Never seen a bests and worsts post. Maybe I'll try it out for my blog if you don't mind. Nice post.

  15. Many congratulations to your sister-in-law and I loved reading about your great week and things that made you happy. The duck picture is amazing!

  16. Congratulations for the new baby in your family and happy birthday to the Queen! Lots of postive things to celebrate. Yay!

  17. I love that you take the time out to reflect on your week. As you noted it's not always smooth sailing, but appreciating what you have or went well goes a long way. Congrats on the newest addition to your family. It sounds like your nephew is already loved a lot!

  18. I love to see little ducklings waddling about, reminder that summer has arrived x

  19. Lovely news about the baby! Also I agree about the better weather! Thanks so much for linking to #sharewithme - do join us again

  20. Nothing like a new baby cuddle to make everything seem tinted in rose. The weather has let us down a bit, but it's lovely to list your positives as well as your negatives. Is it really only 7 weeks until they break up....Good to link up with #fartglitter Alison x

  21. Congrats on the new addition to your family. How sweet. Ah the Summer holidays are soon upon us lol, crazy that there's a new school year starting so soon already x

  22. It sounds like you had a great week overall lovely. Congratulations on your new baby nephew! You must all be over the moon. xx
    Thanks for linking up with #fartglitter

  23. This is so sweet... Congrats on your new baby nephew... Great week ahead..

  24. Hooray for the new baby and relaxing! Whoop! Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  25. Such a wonderful idea for a post and ah, the ducklings are so cute!

  26. It's such a good idea to stop and reflect. Congratulations to your brother. I bet you're a happy auntie! How's your exercising regime? I've got to start doing some form of exercise....


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