The Best & Worst Lately.


Best and worst lately

Here are my best and worst moments this week and things to look forward to. 

  • The EU referendum. I'm devastated that we're no longer going to be apart of the EU. I understand why people voted leave, I get it, I honestly do but I'm still allowed to be devastated. I love my country - U./K, I really, really do and I'm worried for the future. It's the not knowing perhaps
  • I don't blame people for voting leave.
  • I have been suffering horrendously with insomnia and anxiety. It's worse than ever! And the humidity isn't helping. My anxiety got to a point where I didn't even want to leave the house - I had to of course. It's not as bad now, thankfully.
  • My headaches and vision haven't been great! I haven't been able to read because of the blurred vision, the fluid has built up behind my eyes/brain again. Only a month until my neurologist appointment! 

  •  We went to an epic summer fete! The kids had a great time on the bouncy castles and rides! The boys found some of there school friends to hang around with & it was a great day out! The weather was amazing, yay!
  • I had a nice catch up with my sister! It's always lovely to see her and spend time with her. 
  • I'm looking forward to E and C's sports day next week! I hope it's a nice day :) 
  • My eyes are a lot better! I hope I can start reading again soon. I miss reading sooooo much. I haven't read for about five days, eek! 
  • I'm getting back into blogging properly again now my eyes are a bit better.
  • I'm loving my book blog. I really enjoy blogging about books! 
What are your best and worst bits this week? Or, what are you looking forward to this week? :)
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  1. Bouncy castles and sports days sound good. I'm glad your eyesight is getting better. Have a good weekend xx

  2. Hope the sports day goes ahead. My son had his last week but I was working :-(
    The summer fete and family reunion sound fabulous too

  3. Love that you have embraced and recognised you negative moments and embraced them as much as your positives - so inspiring! I am with you about the EU, I'm pretty gutted and it seems to be sitting on me a lot :/ Sorry to hear about all your trouble with your eyes but happy to hear there has been a bit of relief so that you can soon read and blog more :D

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x

  4. I clicked on your post as your little girl just looks like my niece!!! I was like what is she doing there?! Don't worry too much about the EU. Somehow, it will get better. Well I hope. Otherwise, I am out of the UK 😄 Sports days are always such an important day for parents.

  5. The leave vote was a massive shock for me and I can honestly say, I am devastated about it. I am still not sure exactly what it's going to mean for my Danish husband and I. It sounds like you had lots of positives though! =) #KCACOLS

  6. I love going to fetes in the summer, always lots for the kids to do. Glad your eyes are feeling a bit better x

  7. At least the positives outweigh the negatives!

  8. I can totally relate to the anxiety part! BUT as long as you recognise that it is anxiety, it becomes easier to deal with.

    Try not to worry about the EU vote. Whatever happens, we as a country will survive!

    Laura x x x

  9. I love Summer fetes and sports day, nice things to look forward to. R

  10. My niece loves those bouncy houses. Best thing of the week is that my favorite movie is being turned into a musical. The low is having to be at work this weekend and not at a BBQ.

  11. So glad your anxiety is easing a little, that must make thing sos tough. Have a great sports day, my kids has been postponed 3 times now! lol Mich x

  12. Hope your eyes are well enough to read again soon! I've been catching up on reading books for review this week and it's like I'd forgotten how much I enjoy reading over the last few weeks - it's such great escapism. :) #KCACOLS

  13. That summer fete looks like fun. I love events like that over the summer.

  14. Hope you feel better soon! Summer fete sounds fun. My son had their sports day at school already, and I enjoyed watching kids getting so competitive and using their athletic skills. I have some great news this month too, granted new shift from work was the best one. #TwinklyTuesday

  15. I'm so glad to hear that your eyes are a lot better! Oh yes it's the not knowing that is the worst. The summer fete sounds like it was good fun too. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.xx

  16. Here's to hoping you feel better soon and that sleep returns. The sports day sounds like fun. Take care #KCACOLS.

  17. Oh no hun sorry to hear your anxiety and insomnia has got worse. I know it was a shock when I found out the majority was leave!

  18. I am also devastated by the EU Referendum results... my husband has a small business that deals with bigger companies that are part of the EU and already he has seen cut backs... its really not good.

    I hope Sports Day went ahead in the end? #KCACOLS

  19. Oh my gosh, I am beyond gutted over Brexit and am the opposite to you and can't get my head around why anyone would vote leave and I'm really angry at them! Glad to hear you're back into blogging and hope your vision is sorted really soon. Thanks for linking up to #thelist x

  20. Brexit came as such a huge shock to me and I was utterly devastated by the result - it took me a good few days before I could start being more pragmatic about it. Looks like there's been lots of positive moments for you though - glad to hear your eyesight is getting better and the summer fete looks like lots of fun :-)

  21. I hope you feel better soon and that sports day was good? I really need to start reading again, I miss it. Thanks for linking to #picknmix


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