Goals to achieve this week.


Weekly goals
Well, I thought I would write a list of goals to achieve this week because when I have a list, I am far more productive! I've been lacking motivation this week and I really need to find it again. I was so productive last month, I stuck with my meal plans and my goals and bucket lists. I've even got a bucket list for June but having some small, weekly goals really helps.

1) Call the high school. The induction and information evening is on Charlie's Birthday but I'm certain there's another induction evening we could attend. I need to ask.
2) Steam my bedroom floor and behind my bed. It needs it. (Everywhere else has been done)
3) Sort the boys clothes out. They've both outgrown A LOT!
4) Hoover under the sofa and chair. Also the T.V unit. Basically - blitz the front room. Again.
5) Workout or power walk/jog at least 3 times.
6) Plan Charlie's Birthday gifts.
7) Find some time from somewhere to read.
8) Take the kids to the park.
9) Clear the laundry.
10) Be more active and productive. (this list should help!)

What are your goals for this week?

Sarah xXx

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  1. Good luck with your goals. I need to read more too but since we just moved in, I don't have as much time.

  2. I love that take the kids to the park is on there. If you're anything like me, other priorities seem to crop up meaning park visits are few and far between. Hope you achieve your list!

  3. Good luck, I hope you manage to do them all. My list would be far longer and totally unachievable lol.

  4. This post makes me think I need a weekly goal list too. I need to read more as well. R

  5. Sounds like a lot of cleaning this week, it never ends does it! Good luck getting everything done this week x

  6. Good luck with your list - I am hoping to make it to the bottom of my laundry basket and try to get caught up with my blogging! (and if I get really lucky - schedule ahead!)

  7. It's always nice to keep a list, I do make list from time to time but barely get round it! :-D

  8. my goal is to completely catch up with everything. good luck x

  9. Good luck with your goals - I am lacking motivation at the moment too. I do need to write down my goals, as time seems to just slip away from me! Kaz x

  10. It seems like you had a lot to do this week, how are the goals going so far?

  11. I love goal setting-good luck with them!


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