May Roundup & a bucket list update.


May seemed to fly by in a flash. I actually can not believe we are in June already! This year is flying by. We're in the sixth month of the year already! How crazy is that?!
Here are the best bits of our May and our May bucket list update.

Mumx3x adventures

Ellie and I started our month off with a lovely adventure, exploring the countryside where we live! It was truly lovely. We found a couple of new footpaths which lead to lots of beautiful views. We saw some sheep and found some truly pretty places to have a lovely picnic (Hopefully we have some nice weather in June). We can not wait to show the boys the places we found. We can tick off 'Visit somewhere we've never been before' from our May bucket list.

I took so many photos of Spring, it's hard to decide which ones to share! this was another thing on our bucket list for May and I certainly achieved that!
Spring flowers

May Flowers

I had a lovely catch up and some lunch along the river with my sister. I also got in my 10k steps! I've been aiming for 10k steps a day and for the most part, I have managed it. It helps when I have places with beautiful views to walk! I've also been working out more! Another goal to mark off my list for May.

View from teh river

Learn a new game was on my list for May. I personally didn't manage that. The kids did though. I bought a lovely bean bag game and garden snacks and ladders for the kids to play in the garden!

We were creative in May. We made some sand art teddy bear bottles which baker ross kindly sent us to review. We also made some animal skin patterns using the animal skin plates which we were also sent to review!

We went for a beautiful walk through our local woodland. charlie climbed trees! And we finished off with a visit to the park, which was my favourite park when I was a child. It was a fun morning/early afternoon. The 800 (give or take a few years) year old tree is SO fascinating and I enjoyed watching the kids climb it, I use to climb that same tree when I was little. I truly enjoy making memories with my children in the places I use to play when I was there age!

All the kids are doing great at school, they're all working hard and doing very well indeed. I am very proud of them! It's now half term and they're having a well deserved break. Harry is very much looking forward to the six weeks holiday, I think he's eager to start year 8! I can't believe it's less than two months until the summer holidays. Madness how fast this year is going. Charlie will be starting high school in September. I can not believe that! And also my youngest. Ellie. She'll be in year 4! That's shocking.

Health wise, I haven't felt too bad. I've had a headache on and off but I've still managed to workout here and there and even been for a jog/power walk a couple of times. I haven't weighed myself yet but I do feel fitter! I've also been eating healthy and tried a couple of new foods which are lower in carbs!

I also managed to read a few books, including The other child by Lucy Atkins (which was very, very good)

May was a pretty good month. Minus the headaches, crappy weather and anxiety. I'm sure June is going to be a fab month and I can't wait to get started on our June Bucket List.

What are your best moments in May? What are you most looking forward to in June?
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  1. It sounds like you did some lovely things in May. Headaches are the worst though, I feel you there, I get awful sinus headaches that leave me in dark rooms with ice packs on my head, eugh. Here's to an amazing June! #bestandworst

  2. Sounds like a busy, active month. Glad you are feeling healthier and the children are doing so well. Bet the 6 weeks hols is such a break for them! Love those teddy bear bottles; so creative :-) Also the flower piccys are lovely. Here's to a good June and thanks for sharing with #bestandworst xx

  3. You're making me feel like a guilty parent as I don't do that much with the kids these days, though mine are older than yours (11 and 15) and the suggestion of a day out during the schools hols is me with grumpy looks and shrugs of 'do we have to?', lol! BTW, congras on the 10k steps/day! Tx

  4. What a good idea to have a bucket list each month, so many lovely and simple ideas too.

  5. Sound like May was a productive month with exception of the headaches. I get migraines and I know how frustrating it is, but I hope June is a way better month for you headache free :-)

  6. Well done on getting your 10,000 steps in! Your flower photo is beautiful - is that a rose? Great that you are exploring the countryside. I often think we don't explore what's on our doorstep.

  7. I love your flower shots! Nature really spoils us at this time of year. Now, if only the sun would return!

  8. You really did get some great shots in especially the boat shot. Headaches can be the worse. I really hope that gets better for you.

  9. Looks like you had a wonderful May, minus the anxiety. I love sand art! I have lots of bottles from when I was little. I hope June is as much fun for you all as May has been.

    Laura x x x

  10. May really did go by in a flash! Looks like you had fun 😘😘😘 #mondaymorninglinky. Xx

  11. You had such a great month and I am still shocked at quickly those three have grown from the days of LJ x

  12. Lovely round up and some beautiful photos you have taken :)

  13. Gorgeous photos! It seems like May was a good month for you!
    I can't believe we're in June either...This year is going so fast x

  14. Beautiful photos. You've all been busy, sounds like a great month. Love all the pictures and those sand art teddy bears are so cute! I feel for you about the headaches though, I suffer from them sometimes too and it's so hard to do anything. #fartglitter

  15. I love that you have a 'bucket list' of objectives, it makes it so nice to tick off your achievements. Sounds like you had a great onth too, here's to an even better June! #KCACOLS

  16. Your surrounding area is so pretty and that tree is Amazon. Looks straight out of a kid's book. Well done on making your steps- I rarely get there.


  17. Beautiful flowers you captured here. Have a lovely June x

  18. What a great round up of the month. It looks like you all had a fun and eventful May!

  19. I can't believe it is a June already too and sorry to hear about the headaches hope they subside this month xx

  20. What a fun filled month you had!
    Beautiful pics of the flowers and I'm glad you are feeling well, I think being outdoors in the fresh air instantly makes you feel better in yourself.
    Thanks for sharing your awesome bucket list and for joining in with #MMBC :) x

  21. I can't believe it's June either! Into the last term now - eek! Beautiful pictures, good work with the 10k steps too! #fartglitter

  22. I think feeling fitter thing is great and really half the battle!

    Sounds like a great month!

  23. Sounds like a good month! Lovely pictures & I like the sand art teddies - great idea! #bestandworst

  24. You've had a great month and love your pictures, particularly the riverside walk and the huge oak tree. So beautiful. Hope June is just as good for you :-) #KCACOLS

  25. Such fab photos! It sounds like you had a great month too. Here is to another great month. Thanks for linking up with us at #KCACOLS and we hope that you can join us again this Sunday x

  26. Sounds like a fab month. I can't believe it's June already! It's crazy how time flies.

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

    Azaria- Being Mrs Lynch

  27. sorry to hear you suffer with anxiety :( me too. it sucks. your may sounds and looks lovely. and well done with the 10k per day! I need to move more! #KCACOLS

  28. June hosts mine and Mini R's birthday so we are mostly looking forward to that! #KCACOLS


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