The one with the kids Christmas carol service.


On the last day of term, before the kids broke up for Christmas, they had a Christmas carol church service as they go to a Church of England school. I always love watching there Christmas festivities but especially in the church at this time of year. It's truly lovely. They put in a lot of effort and the school choir even sang silent night in Spanish! Which sounded amazing by the way.
The whole school took part in the carol service and told the Christmas story, with the younger children acting it out while the older children sang, it was truly lovely and so sweet!

I am so proud of Charlie and Ellie for remembering all the words! They stood up proudly and sang the carols so well. Bless them both.

They also told the christingle story, which is something new I learned! Charlie and Ellie both had there christingle lit while they sang  carols, it was lovely! I wish I could share the photos I took but there are other children in them and I respect the privacy of those children! I did however, take a few photos at the end of the service of just my children.

They were so proud of there Christingles. And they loved being in church singing there hearts out. Bless them. It really put me in the festive mood, too! Well, I'm feeling more festive than I was.

What gets you into the festive spirits?

Sarah xXx

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