The one with the Christmas tops.


The primary school that my two youngest attend have a few Christmas activities coming up, disco, parties, Christmas dinner, Xmas jumper day etc and will be able to wear there festive outfits. Ellie doesn't wear dresses very often, so I am pleased she doesn't mind this tartan one.
The tartan dress Ellie is wearing is from Asda (last year, I believe they have similar this year) and the Christmas jumper is also from Asda (this year's collection). The antlers are from Asda too.

"HO HO HO!!"
 "I'm tired now, can I sit down" Haha.

And her cute hair bobbles. I can't remember where I got from them, I think perhaps home bargains? B&M?

I feel I could have done a lot better with these pics but there's no natural light by the time we get back from school, it's almost dark! Maybe Ellie will let me take more photos at the weekend!

I'm really proud of Ellie for letting me take these photos! She doesn't always let me take pics.
I also managed to snap a couple of Charlie, he really doesn't like posing for photos and was a bit tired but I got a couple, which is better than none. Charlie's Christmas T.shirt is from Asda and the ball on the end of Santa's hat flashes when you press it. Charlie thinks it's great! When I was in Asda, they didn't have any jumpers in Charlie's size so I'll have another look next week :)

Harry, being a (almost) teenager is deciding on whether or not he'll even wear a Christmas jumper! I have got him a Christmas top. He was too busy making an excuse not to have photos taken, haha. "doing homework". I'll get some pics of him another day :D

We are SO excited for Christmas. We can not wait to put our Christmas tree up and get ready for all the festivities that are (very fast) approaching.
Have you put your Christmas tree up yet?

Sarah xXx



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  1. Aw, how cute. No tree up here yet, though Tyger's been asking when the decorations are going up. You've actually reminded me he has a Christmas top from last year that might still fit; I'll need to check!


  2. Lovely Christmas tops and what great pictures. Not sure the Tubblet has a Christmas top. Or if she'd even wear one!

  3. Always great to have some Christmas outfits! Perfect for festive photos. So co-operative of Ellie and Charlie to pose for you! We are excited for Christmas, but haven't put bought a tree yet. Can't believe how quickly the time goes, time to get organised! x

  4. Those are very lovely Christmas tops! Very perfect for the holiday season!

  5. Since I wont be in my apartment for christmas I bought a small desk tree for my apartment so we can consider that my tree is up lol. I love George Asda they have some wonderful clothes.

  6. We still haven't done our tree yet as we might be moving before Christmas (so not quite sure how it'll work this year). I do want to get my daughter a Christmas outfit though, but keep spotting things which aren't in stock or not in her size, so it's another thing to tick off my To Do list for now.

  7. Our tree's not up yet. It probably won't go up til the weekend before. I must remember to locate Ns Christmas jumper to check if it still fits him

  8. I LOVE that tartan dress! We put us our tree but as I'm an American, it's tradition to put it up after Thanksgiving at the end of December. We do tend to take it down on boxing day though!

  9. We still haven't put our tree up - oops! We were meant to get it yesterday but there was some major floods around so a great excuse to stay home all day. I love Charlie's Christmas T-shirt!

  10. Great to see your guys getting into the festive spirit! love their poses too, my lot are way too cool for school now to pose for me.

  11. Wonderful! That little dress is lovely! Ava has a Christmas jumper day coming up... Going to have to source one! Thanks so much for linking up to #SavouringTheSeason

  12. Ahh you can't beat a festive jumper, love it! #wickedwednesday #binkylinky

  13. Love these photos, making me feel very festive :) We haven't really started getting organised yet, but I'm planning on getting started this weekend! #savouringtheseason

  14. We put our tree up over a week ago! We've had a crappy few months and just felt like putting out tree up early would cheer us up - and it has! The tartan dress looks super cute :) xx

  15. I love christmas jumpers. We are having a christmas jumper day in work next week and I can't wait.

  16. Lovely festive tops! I need to get me one I think! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  17. Yes our tree went up on 30th Nov, so it was all ready for when Baby woke up on 1st. Your daughter has such a lovely smile. Thanks for linking up to #PointShoot x

  18. Great photos and the jumpers look fab thanks for linking to the Binkylinky

  19. Cute shots lovely! Thanks so much for linking up to Wicked Wednesdays! Hope to see you this week! x


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