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Thermapen is an instrument you can be sure your meat and food is properly cooked! Thermapen measures the temperature of the food, to ensure it is thoroughly cooked. It's a tool that gives you an accurate reading of what temperature the food is cooked at. I was sent one to review and test!

Thermapen review @ ups and downs smiles and frowns

"It doesn't test doneness, it tests the current temperature" as stated on the website and in the Thermapen guide.

I was sent a blue Thermapen. The Thermapen has a digital screen which displays the temperature and also a small light.  The Thermapen switches on by opening the probe. The Thermapen measures what the temperature is at the tip of the probe. I touched the tip of the probe and sure enough the temperature changed.

Thermapen review @ ups and downs smiles and frowns

In the box you get the Thermapen itself, an instruction leaflet and a guide on how to use your Thermapen and what it does and also some handy cleaning tips on cleaning your Thermapen.

Thermapen review @ ups and downs smiles and frowns

Thermapen review @ ups and downs smiles and frowns

While cooking and testing the food with Thermapen, it gave me an accurate reading of what temperature the food was at. I tested mine on chicken breast. Half way through, I put the probe into the boneless chicken at the thickest part (which is recommended for measuring the temperature of meat), the Thermapen told me it wasn't cooked yet as the recommended temperature for chicken is 74°C. I then turned the oven up slightly to a higher heat, until the chicken was thoroughly cooked. The Thermapen makes cooking food so much easier, enabling me to know whether to turn the oven or cooker up or down because it tells the highest temperature of the food while it's cooking. Which means, I know when the food is properly cooked. It gives you the fastest most accurate temperature information. 

Thermapen review @ ups and downs smiles and frowns

It can be used to check poultry, meats, bread, cakes, vegetables. casseroles, desserts, sauces, dough, drinks and so much more! It can also be used in liquids
I think this tool would be perfect for measuring the temperature of BBQ'd food and grilled food especially. I'm never really certain if food on the BBQ is actually properly cooked, I end up cooking it for longer and so it's almost burnt just to make sure it IS cooked but with the Thermapen, I won't need to do that anymore because I can test the temperature of the food and I'll get peace of mind that is cooked.

Thermapen review @ ups and downs smiles and frowns

Many recipes advise that you check the temperature at certain times and the Thermapen is perfect for doing just that. 

Overall I really like the fact that I can use the Thermapen when the food is in the oven (although it's not to be left IN the oven). It's super fast and reads the temperature of the food within seconds. I like the fact it's ever so easy and simple to use. It makes cooking a lot easier and it folds away perfectly, making it easy to store. I'd say this is a the new must have kitchen tool for anyone who does and enjoys a lot of cooking & baking. I would recommend this product! Do make sure you give the guide a good read first though!  
There's also some information on the back of the Thermapen itself. 

Thermapen review @ ups and downs smiles and frowns

You can read more about Thermapen on the website. There are lots of hints and tips and a lot more information, too!  

What's your favourite tool to use in the kitchen? 

I am also hosting a giveaway to win a Thermapen.

Sarah xXx

Family Fever

I was sent this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. I was not paid for this post.

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