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Woohoo, it's December! I can not even tell you how glad I am to see the back of November! It was an awful month for me! Anyway, onto more positive things. I am a huge fan of Christmas and there is noting better I love watching that people's Christmasy videos. Vlogmas is when people record a video every day up until Christmas and then share on social media! So I am super excited that some of my favourite youtubers are taking part in Vlogmas!! If I was confident enough, I would totally do vlogmas too, but I'm not, so I won't be taking part. I will however, try to post a blog post every day in December (blogmas?). Anyway, here's a list of my favourite Youtubers who are taking part in vlogmas.

Not that I'm a youtube addict or anything, haha. No seriously, I never get time to watch ALL the youtubers daily. I usually end up catching up at the weekend or watching really late at night! I do enjoy watching vlogs though. A lot.


First up 'The Michalaks'
The Michalaks are actually my favourite youtubers right now. Hannah and Steph have a toddler called Grayson, they live in London and they're just awesome! They're a lovely little family. Oh and Hannah also creates make up bags, which are fantastic! Hannah also has a blog. There videos edited so perfectly and are truly stunning to watch. They do vlog everyday but only upload one long weekly video. Super excited they're doing vlogmas this year, one video every single day! YES!

An Irish family living in London! I LOVE them! They are awesome. There kids are very cute and I just love them. They're very down to earth and so inspiring. They've come a long way and I love watching there daily vlogs. They daily vlog anyway, so they don't need to do vlogmas. 

Gabby Lindley
I LOVE her too! She sometimes daily vlogs, she also has a main channel where she posts make up and hair tutorials, hauls and other things. She's pretty awesome! I love her style too. She's also a cat lover and I just adore her cat Nelly (aka Nell Bobs). I also enjoy the videos she films with Lucy and Lydia (also youtubers). Gabby and Zoella are rather entertaining, too! They're so funny!

I think everyone knows Zoella? Well if not she's a fashion and beauty blogger and vlogger, she's posting a video every day until Christmas. Her little pug, Nala, is very cute. She also has a main channel that she's posting daily videos on.

I'm fairly new to Haylee's channel but she seems pretty awesome. She's American and has a little girl, she's recently moved into an apartment with her boyfriend. I really enjoy her vlogs! She's definitely one to to watch.

Who are your favourite youtubers at the moment or what are your favourite Youtube videos?

Sarah xXx

A Bit Of Everything

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  1. I have been going to bed at a sensible time and watching a few vlogs and before I know it, it's 1am....Oops! Yep! I watch all of those as well and Tanya Burr, Sprinkle of Glitter, Casper & Joe and a few

  2. Great choices here, i'm loving all the youtube #vlogmas videos at the moment. I've watched all of the ones you've mentioned here and also love Mummy Daddy Me xx

  3. I love Smosh- Anthony and Ian- and Bart Baker, those two are my favourite Youtubers. I like watching random videos too.

  4. I am pretty bad at watching YT these days but I like Judy's Life and Gabe flowers.

  5. I have to say I don't watch vlogs...or very rarely. I prefer reading blogs, and I find vlogs too intrusive. I read in the evening in front of the tv, sitting with the OH, so I'd have to wear headphones and then struggle to converse. Just too much going on to watch vlogs.

  6. I've not got into vlogs yet although the ones you've listed sound fab! Maybe when I am on maternity leave I will get into them more. I think is because I'm not confident enough to go if myself!! Xx

  7. I've only heard of Zoella from your list. I don't seem to have time to watch You Tube much. x

  8. I like Zoella...but I dont have time to watch people when Im blogging. Maybe i need to cut back to have more time for fun and chilling out... who knows!

  9. I have heard of a few of these Youtubers but I don't watch any of them x

  10. Alas I am not a You Tube addict, primarily becaue they dont come with subtitles. Saying that even I have heard of Zoella.
    Thanks for linking up, Tracey xx #abitofeverything


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