Christmas baubles haul.


When we moved house back in April, a lot of my Christmas baubles got broke. It was my own fault for not wrapping them up properly. I decided to go with a copper/rose gold, silver and gold theme this year, for our Christmas tree. I was in desperate need for new baubles. Here are the ones I'e bought recently.

First up this pack of twenty from NEXT. They are black glitter, copper/rose gold, silver and gold. They are just so pretty! I love the copper ones that are textured. These were £6. There was also a 81pc set of baubles in similar colours from NEXT priced £10. The baubles are slightly smaller and I also got those too but forgot to take a photo!

I also picked up these two sets in home bargain which were £2.99 each. Bear in mind our Christmas tree is 7ft 6inches and therefore, takes A LOT of baubles and decorations. The mini baubles are SO cute! I think the mini dark silver glittery ones are possibly my favourite ones ever!

 Oh and these lovely rose gold large baubles, I think they were £1.99! They have gold sparkly, glitter hearts on them, I think they're so pretty. And they break the silver and gold up on the Christmas tree. Perfect for my colour theme. I got them in Home Bargains.

I also bough some single baubles. Plus, I already had some that didn't get broken! So I didn't buy too many single baubles.
The Christmas tree is from the range and I think was £1, I bought two of those and the other baubles are from a local garden centre and cost £1.49 each.

We've now put the Christmas tree up and I just need to get some ribbon and tinsel to make it look less bear. I plan on getting some of that this week :)

I feel like photos do it no justice and it will of course look A LOT better when the ribbon and tinsel is on but I thought I would share a photo of my lovely tree.

When do you usually put your Christmas tree up? What are your favourite things to decorate the tree with?

Sarah xXx

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  1. Your tree looks wonderful. We only have space for a small one 🎄🎅😍

  2. I love the rose gold. A real touch of luxury.

    ours went up this weekend which is early for us. Ours is purple, silver and clear. I love it but would like to add bright teal, but it's not been in stores for the last couple of years

  3. We have quite a big tree but we only decorate a quarter fit because we can't see the back! We have a mix of bought and inherited decorations and its been up since the first weekend in December!

  4. These look stunning and adorable! We need some new baubles and I was looking out for some for next year as we have allready decorated this time around. these ones look cute! Angela x

  5. Such a bargain, I love using gold, blue and red. It has that royalty vibe to it. Then a random dolls or any good charm were added for a special touch. It's funny cause we just put up our Christmas tree last week

  6. I love the silver decor on your tree! A great bargain and it suits the theme and joviality of Christmas.

  7. I am loving all these bulb ornaments for your your and your train looks awesome. We usually put the tree up a week before Christmas

  8. We are moving next year and getting a new tree and decorations and I can not wait to go and buy all new decorations that actually all match xx

  9. your tree looks beautiful.... mine is fiber optic and my husband lost the plug... so it is now standing bare in my living room!!! we had to go out a buy lights so tomorrow is the day to do it x

  10. What a gorgeous tree, I really like the colour combinations you have chosen. I also like the Christmas tree decoration. Hope you and the family have a lovely festive period x


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