Things to be cheerful about this week.


Phew! I am SO glad November is over, even it does mean a rushing around December. November was an awful month. Probably the worst month I've had this year. But December is going to be better! Here are some reasons to be cheerful and things I'm looking forward to.

1) I finally had my hair thinned out. It was honestly (and I am not exaggerating. In fact mine was probably a bit thicker) like Monica's hair in friends, you know 'The one in Barbados'? And humidity makes her hair frizzy? Yeah THAT! My hair was exactly like that. Only mine is like that naturally. It was hard to cope with and so hard to maintain, but it's better now and SO much lightre and easier to control. My curls are back, YAY! No.More.Frizz. I can not tell you how much better I feel for having that mop of hair thinned out! There was SO much hair! SO, so much hair.

2) I've made a good start on Christmas shopping. I have started on the kids stocking filler, I have there main presents sorted, too! I am hopefully going Christmas shopping either this weekend or the following weekend.I'm looking forward to finishing it (I say finishing it, I'm not even half way there yet!), then I'll be able to enjoy Christmas! Woohoo.

3) Ellie and Charlie let me take some photos of them wearing there Christmas clothes! Yay! It's not very often they'll pose for pics! So that cheered me up and aren't there Christmas tops cool? Hopefully Harry will agree to ear his one at some point, Id like to get a photo of him in his festive top, too!

What are you cheerful/thankful/excited about this week?

Sarah xXx
Happy Diaries

Reasons to be Cheerful

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  1. Love those tops! Yay to the hair - mine is opposite and is so thin I can't do anything with it..

  2. Love the tops and love this very happy festive post! #happydiaries

  3. What a lovely positive post. I love the Christmas jumpers especially Ellie's.

  4. I so need to see the before and after pictures of your hair because my hair can be a nightmare. I am excited it's the weekend tomorrow

  5. What happened in November? I am so sorry to hear that it did not go very well for you but I am glad that this month has gone better for you. What are your plans for next week?

  6. I hope December goes better for you :) love the photos of the christmas jumpers very cool. Monkey is the same when it comes to photos! xx

  7. Lovely positive post, the children look great in their Christmas gear #r2Bc

  8. Love the christmas gear! And congrats on starting the shopping I really really must start!x

  9. Lols re the hair! My hair is like that, can't control it without oodles of de-frizz product :) I've had a yuck week so it's really nice to read a positive post.

  10. I very rarely go to a proper haridressers, but when I do it always makes me feel happy. I love the kids christmas tops too. Thanks for sharing, Tracey xx #happydiaries

  11. I love their jumpers! So cool. I'm sorry to report, I've actually kind of finished Xmas shopping. I too have a lot of hair, and have decided to grow it again! Madness xx


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