A List of things to achieve before Christmas.


I have got SO much to do before Christmas, I really need to write a list and set myself some goals. I find that when I set myself a list of things to achieve, things actually do get done and a lot faster, too. So here's my list of things to get done before Christmas.

This weeks goals and things to achieve before Christmas

1) Finish Christmas shopping
2) Wrap all presents.
3) Plan our Christmas meal plan.
4) Catch up with laundry (I don't wanna be doing more than I need to over Xmas!)
5) Blitz the front room and kitchen ready for Christmas.
6) Take photos of the kids infront of the Xmas tree.
7) Blitz the kids rooms and make space ready for Christmas.
8) Order the last couple of things.
9) Send out Christmas cards (I am slacking!)
10) Do some Christmas baking with the kids.

...and I'm probably missing a few...

So those are my goals and things to achieve this week. All focused on Christmas and the Holidays (Which are fast approaching!). What;s on your list this week?

Sarah xXx

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  1. No.4 is my priority right now, there is only 2 of us but I have a basket full grrrr x

  2. #9 I need to do for myself. Christmas is next week I need to get it done quickly. Thanks for reminding me

  3. Normally when it comes to Christmas I am organized but this year everything seems to have gone to pot. I still have so much Christmas shopping to do.

  4. Good luck. I cannot believe how fast time flys and hope you achieve all you set out to do by Christmas.

  5. I like how taking a photo of the children in front of the tree is there. It's like a staple photo every year :-)

  6. I need to do #1 since #9 will never happen, been slacking too much so decided to just ignore it lol. Good luck with your list

  7. I've been getting lots of Christmas bits done too! Phew, it's exhausting but I think I have all of presents got now, unless I'm forgetting someone :P x

  8. I hope you got through it all and had a lovely Christmas huni. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x


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