Day of the Dead Colour-in Mini Gift Bags {Review}


Making Day of the Dead Colour-in Mini Gift Bags from baker ross review

Halloween is one of the kids favourite times of year. They are so excited for Halloween this year and to get them in the mood, Baker Ross sent us some of this spooky 'Day of the Dead Colour-in Mini Gift Bags' to review.

Day of the Dead Colour-in Mini Gift Bags from baker ross vreview

Each kit contains 6 mini paper bags, in 3 assorted designs with 3 assorted handle colours - Green, Pink & Orange. Each bag size is 12cm x 8.5cm.

?Halloween gift bags for kids DIY (Review)

We used the Fibre tip pens that Baker Ross also sent us to colour the bags in.


"These are going to look amazing" Ellie told me. She was all "I'm going to give my friend some sweets in these for Halloween" Bless her.

Halloween bags for kids DIY

Kids Halloween trick or treat bags for Halloween review

Harry and Charlie even joined in with colouring the bags in. Charlie was like "Now these are EPIC!" Charlie being eleven years old and Harry being thirteen, it was lovely to have them join in on being creative! They're SO excited for Halloween.
The bags themselves are made of thick paper and have a ribbon string handle which is stronge and perfect for little hands to hold. 

We carried on colouring in each bag, which is double sided. The fibre tip pens are perfect for this activity! 

Day of the Dead Colour-in Mini Gift Bags from baker ross

The kids could not wait to fill there bags with sweets and goodies. "I'm saving them all for Halloween" they ALL told me. (We'll see, haha). Charlie also noted that they're perfect for 'Trick Or Treating' to gift sweets in. He's right, the year perfect for Halloween!

Day of the Dead Colour-in Mini Gift Bags from baker ross review

Day of the Dead Colour-in Mini Gift Bags from baker ross

They're all proud of there "Skull Clown" bags (as Ellie has decided t o call them, haha)
Priced at just £1.49 for a pack of six, they are well worth the money! The Fibre tip pens can be brought separately (£1.98 for a pack of three, each pack contains 10 colours). These little gift bags are perfect for this time of year, any child who loves being creative would enjoy colouring these in.


Baker Ross sell a really wide range of kids arts and craft activities and kits. They have whole selection of Autumnal and Halloween arts and craft kits.They're all very reasonably priced, too :)

What's your child's favourite creative activity?

Sarah xXx

My Random Musings

We were gifted this product for purpose of this review. All opinions are my own, honest, personal opinion. I was not paid for this post.

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  1. My kids love colouring and reading the books. Loving the gift bags.

  2. Those bags look like so much fun! I think adults might enjoy colouring them in too ;)

  3. What a great idea, fun and practical too. The bags look good and any child would be over joyed with a colourful bag full of goodies.

  4. This is such a nice little creative project, and how brilliant that it appealed to your 11 and 13 year olds too. It's so nice when the whole family can genuinely get involved and be excited by an activity like that. x

  5. Oh I love these! They would be perfect as a mini trick or treat goodie bag to give away at a party. Lovely idea

  6. I think I would enjoy this just as much as Ellie clearly has done. Such a good idea x

  7. These bags are great and perfect for little party goodie bags! :)

  8. These are really sweet and perfect for halloween parties.

  9. Such a fun Halloween activity! I love a bit of colouring in :)

    Gemma x |

  10. I love Halloween, it's my favourite time of year! That love has also rubbed off on my daughter and she would love these, she's so into anything arty! xx

  11. Those bags look really good Bet my girls would love to make these and give them to trick or treaters.

  12. I love these - great value too. Perfect for trick or treating! Kaz x

  13. They're a brilliant size for sweets, just enough to make the kids feel like they 'have loads' but not too big that they pass out from the sugar! They look fab too!

  14. Ah these are such a lovely design and a great way to get the kids being creative! Ellie does look super proud of hers :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  15. These are AMAZING! Such a cool idea, something I would love to do myself haha

  16. These are great and a real bargain too!
    Thanks for linking up to #HalloweenHorrors :)


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