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Best and worst moments lately

Wow, it's already October. Is it just me or has this year just flown by?
This last week has been a little bit up and down. I've felt a little bit down, not really sure why to be honest. I also haven't posted a 'Weekly Bits & Bobs' post for a couple of weeks, again, not really sure why. Anyway, here are the best and worst moments of this week.

  • Harry has had a tummy bug which has been unpleasant to say the least. He didn';t go to school Monday and Tuesday. He's much better now though. 
  • Had a bit of a frantic hour with Charlie returning home from school late but won't go into that now. Thankfully time had just ran away with him. Never want to experience that again, EVER. 
  • My laptop is on it's way out. It has been for months but now it's slower than ever. We do have a PC which the kids use for homework so at least I'll still be able to blog! It's a bit of a pain though as it doesn't have memory card readers and other nick knacks that my laptop has. Still it's better than nothing and I am grateful for that. 
  • The kids are all doing superb in school. Ellie is truly enjoying year 4. I don't think she's ever enjoyed school so much! 
  • I am taking part in #BlogTober - blogging every day in October and I determind not to fail. So far so good. I am not following the prompts so far though. 
  • I read a total of 6 books in September. Actually I read seven but I'd already posted my September wrap so I'll include that book in this months wrap up. I know a lot of people wonder how I find time to read. If you're interested on tips on how to read more do check out my post.
  • It's Autumn! YES! My favourite time of year. The weather is so much cooler which means I can sleep better! We enjoyed a lovely Autumnal walk the other day. 
  • Harry got asked to be apart of the school rugby team and he also got asked to take part in our local rugby team too! Wow. He's going to pick one or the other.. He's thinking about it. Super proud of him!!
mum x3x

Things to look forward to:
  • Charlie has a Rugby match after school. I am looking forward to watching him play :) 
  • Also looking forward to getting through our October bucket list. 
  • Half term is in a couple of week or so, yay! It's always nice to have a break from school routine. 
  • I am looking forward to having a rummage through the books in charity shops! I honestly find SO many good bargains. It's my current favourite thing to shop for. I do love pre-loved books. 
So those are my best and worst moments this week and of course things to look forward to. What are your best and worst moments? Or what are you most looking forward to in October?

Sarah xXx

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  1. What bonnie faces your children have. I love autumn too - as long as it's a dry sunny one and not a wet and windy one ;)

  2. I am also doing blogtober too! Its been good so far! Sorry to hear you were feeling unwell xx

  3. I admire anyone who manages to blog everyday, I find it takes me all week to throw 4 posts out there! Hope your sickly one is better now. #BestWorst

  4. I love the idea of an October bucket list. I love October - I can wear layers, watch the leaves turn all kinds of lovely shades and look forward to half term.

  5. I like ve charity sjops too, I love looking for blog props.

  6. October is a great months for me as it's my eldest daughter's birthday on the 2nd. Now that we've celebrated I'm looking forward to spooky crafts and recipes ready for Halloween x

  7. I feel your pain a tummy bug has done the rounds in our house this week. Looking forward to vomit free times.

  8. Blogging every day! Wow! I wonder if you'll make it a habit?

  9. I love Autumn too - it is amazing how it is so many peoples favourite time of year. Yay to half term soon too! Kaz x

  10. Good luck with blogtober! Blogging everyday sounds hard :)

  11. oh no, sorry there were bugs about - we had bugs over here too. Not fun in the first week of autumn :(

  12. I am still so impressed that you get through so many books a month x

  13. Wow you read a huge amount of books, I am lucky to read any at the moment. Good luck blogging through October hun and thanks for linking up #bestandworst

  14. I hope Harry is feeling better and I hope that Charlie's rugby match goes well x

  15. Your children are all so gorgeous! <3 Sounds like a pretty good month, although I feel your pain with your laptop - a slow computer is so frustrating!!

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  16. Hats off to you for posting every day in October. I couldn't manage it so have never dared commit myself. Well done you. #anythinggoes

  17. Stomach upsets are the WORST! They really throw out the whole week in this house. I love that you read 6 books during September - That tends to be my slowest reading month but I still managed 4.

  18. Great roundup and it sounds as though the good parts outweighed the bad which is always good! Glad your boy is feeling better :)
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes :)


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