We made Autumn Cross Stitch Bookmark {Review}


Baker Ross sell a wide selection of seasonal arts and crafts for children of all ages. We were lucky enough to be sent these really lovely Autumnal Cross Stitch Book marks.

Ellie could not wait to get stuck into these - She absolutley loves being creative. Well, all three of my children do but my boys were busy with there friends so Ellie and I thought we'd have some mummy daughter time.

Autumn Cross Stitch Bookmark Kits

Each pack of book marks contains:
  • Pre punched card bookmark template with six designs printed on.
  • 6 coloured yarn (assorted colours)
  • Plastic needles 
The pack of four bookmarks and is priced at just £2.75. The size of each book mark is approximately 21cm x 5cm. The perfect size for most books.

Making Autumnal book marks

Ellie hasn't really done much cross stitching before so she needed a little help from me to get her started off. Once she had got the hang of it there was no stopping her!

Autumn Cross Stitch Bookmark Kits review

Ellie made a couple of mistakes but I told her it doesn't matter. It's a really good try for her first time at cross stitching book marks! You can however, easily rectify any mistakes by threading the yarn back through the holes and re-doing each stitch.

Autumnal bookmarks for kids

Ellie chose to do the stitching first and then coloured in the picture on the bookmarks using some Fibre Tip Pens, which can also be purchased from Baker Ross. Ellie was all "I love the little animals and the snails, they are very cute!" We talked about where the hedgehogs might live and what kind of foods they might eat. Ellie really is a true animal lover and she loves learning about animals. "I hope we have another hedgehog visit our garden" She told me. Her bookmarks have inspired us to look out for the big chubby hedgehog that often visits us in the evening.

Autumn Cross Stitch Bookmark Kits kids from baker ross review

Ellie made a couple of bookmarks which took her about an hour in total and she was totally loving every second. She really enjoyed making these and once she had got the hang of cross stitching she really enjoyed it. This is a perfect way for kids to learn how to cross stitch as well as be creative!

Autumn Cross Stitch Bookmark Kits review

"I think I'm going to use my hedgehog bookmark in my school book. I can't wait to show my friends!" Ellie told me, followed by "And the snail one I'll keep at home in my bedtime book" Bless her.

Autumn bookmark

She was so proud of herself when she had finished these book marks. I am so proud of her for doing her very best and being creative.
Overall Ellie really enjoyed these bookmarks, I really liked helping her make them and teaching her to cross stitch. It was great fun! A lovely way to spend an evening. They're so worth the money. I also feel they'd make a perfect gift for any child who enjoys being creative. Do head over to the Baker Ross website and have a browse of the Autumn arts & craft kits.

What was your favorite art and craft activity when you were a child?

Sarah xXx

(We were sent a sample of these products for the purpose of this review. As always, all opinions are my own, honest, personal opinions)

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  1. Oh wow! This is so cool! Never even knew this was a thing until now but it would be great for my niece and nephew. :D

    Oliver x

  2. I think this is a great way to learn to cross stitch. Good job Ellie xx

  3. Aww these are so cute! They would make great little stocking fillers for xmas!

  4. This is a really awesome activity. I'd like to teach Sylvia cross stitch and this kit looks perfect. Also love the bookmark idea as it can encourage reading! Angela from The Inspiration Edit.

  5. I absolutely LOVE Baker Ross, we buy from them all the time for my youth group The Buttercups! These book marks look amazing I'll definitely be getting them in for our National Book day celebrations

  6. This is such a great idea to get the kids interested in arts and crafts - also, they are the perfect gift idea for relatives, especially with Christmas coming up! I know my grandparents always loved it when I made them things! :)

  7. Such a cute and fun activity I'll definitely have to do this when my son Blake is older.

  8. They look adorable. My little one is too young to enjoy a task like this but it's definitely one to keep in mind as she gets older


  9. These are really really lovely. I am hopeless at Cross Stitch, I have zero patience x

  10. Oh I love these, they look great! A great way to introduce stitching too! #totallytoys

  11. These are lovely and just perfect for those learning to sew.

  12. I love these - what a great activity to do. They look so lovely! Kaz x

  13. These are supercute and so smart to make, I never thought about making my own bookmark :-) What a brilliant idea!

  14. These are so cute. Love the ones with the hedgehogs on #TotallyToys

  15. I remember doing this as a child - thanks for bringing back some memories and thanks for linking to #sharewithme

  16. These are really cute and a great way to learn a new skill. Will add it to my Autumn crafts list. Thanks for linking to #PickNMix
    Eilidh x

  17. That's a lovely set, my favourite craft was cross stitching and it still is, although I don't have as much time as I used to before children !


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